Patreon, Sticking It To The Poor People

So today I received an email from Patreon (an automated one) about an update announcing that creators will now be “taking home” 95% of patron cash. Now, that sounds good on the surface, but what they’re doing in order to make this possible is kind of not great. Instead of cutting their own percentage of what they take from you, they’re making your patrons pay a fraction more.

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I Want to Make the Spiritual Successor to Vampire the Masquerade

Now, I have zero experience in coding, and I’ve never made a game before. But I strongly believe that if you can really put your mind to something that you want to accomplish, it can be done (although, sometimes our life circumstances put some serious limitations on what we can do).

I don’t have concept art, I don’t have art, period. But I do have a theme song:

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Supernatural Happenings & Why I’m Not Sure If Ghosts Aren’t Real

I have a shaky relationship with religion. On one side, I see the need for it. I see why people need it, and heck, I was Wiccan when I was like seventeen, eighteen and nineteen. I even thought about going back to it, because the more atheism spreads, the more it becomes this…amalgamation of shitty Reddit opinions.

But I digress.

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Syfy Cancels #DarkMatter, Even Though I Told Them Not To!

I know, I know, some big corporation isn’t going to listen to me anyway and no, I didn’t really expect them to, either. But you might have seen my post about why we need Dark Matter, here, and why Syfy absolutely should not cancel it. And yet, they did anyway, because, and from multiple sources, I’ve learned Dark Matter was an acquisition and Syfy was concerned about funding.

And yeah, I know. There’s lots to worry about nowadays, from white supremacist attacks and murders, fascism, bad presidents, oppression and all that, but this is part of why we need fiction as a way to escape, or to step away from all that. I mentioned this in my previous post about Dark Matter, but it still stands. Fiction (and music) is important to me, and also, in my own regard, especially science fiction. Space operas are already rare in an age of grimdark modern shows and fantasy.

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Death Incarnate & Releasing Music At Breakneck Speed

As some may know, I’m completely out of my freakin’ mind. Okay, maybe I’m being harsh on myself. In reality, I produce music maybe…way too fast? I don’t know. But I wanted to write up this post to talk about this entire year so far, and what’s going on this coming Halloween.

I started Eyeshadow 2600 FM, literally, in January of 2017. I fired up a synthwave band name generator and I was like, “heh, I wonder what mine would be called? Like I even know how to make music…” And rolled Eyeshadow 2600 FM. And it stuck. I actually really liked it, especially with it calling back to the Atari 2600 and sounding like the name of a radio station simultaneously.

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How Do I Put My Music On Spotify, iTunes, Etc. If I’m Not Signed To A Label?

If you’re like me, and you’re making music and wondering how you do these things that you probably assumed weren’t as difficult to do before you jumped into the scene, I have the answer for you! Now, firstly, there are a few different services out there, and some of them will take more money from you than you’ll probably ever make at least in your first couple years.

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So You Have An Opinion Fetish

I get it. Lots of people have fetishes. Some people fetishize butts, some people like to be tied up, some people like a foot in their face, and even some people like to pretend they’re being consumed in some kind of cannibalistic thing or whatever.

Everyone, apparently, has some kind of fetish.

But you, you have an opinion fetish.

See, the difference between someone who has a fetish for opinions, or even the idea of an opinion, and people with other, more regular fetishes, is most people keep that stuff in the bedroom, you know? When you take your fetish out into the public, you make every bystander and witness a part of that without their personal consent. And that sucks!

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Reverse Oppression Isn’t Real And It Is Time To Stop

Yeah, I’m talking about misandry, cisphobia, heterophobia, reverse racism and so on. No, they’re not real and here’s why.

First of all, I get it: You don’t like having to come to terms with admitting to yourself that possibly, quite possibly, you belong to an oppressive class of people. Maybe you think this means that you, yourself are oppressive, and dang, maybe that’s true, too. I know that most of the time when people are confronted with this fact (usually white, cis, straight people, mind you) they recoil in anger and they waste absolutely no time in proving you right. Especially when you point out that they are either white, cis, straight, or all of the above (and that these things make for limited experience when dealing with different axis of oppression).


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