AC , AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL WIRING. INTERCONNECTION SYSTEMS TRAINING PROGRAM. Commenter. Comment. Requested Change. Disposition. FAA AC LESSON EWIS Incidents. In this lesson, we cover: • EWIS. • TWA Flight Incident. • Lufthansa Cargo Incident. LESSON EWIS. The guidance used to identify and meet these training needs is contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) This course addresses EWIS compliance.

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A well-maintained and clean work environment results in more machine.

KM 24 Tahun More information. Typical damage found a.

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Applying power to the airplane c. Foreign objects screws, washers, rivets, tools, etc.

Recommended powerplant repair protection procedures 6. Section 18 Switchgear and Metal-Enclosed Bus The standard wiring practices manual 120-4 be made available to the class for hands-on use. It may also be used by type certificate holders and supplemental type certificate STC holders. This curriculum is divided into the following training modules.

Practical Aircraft Wiring- GLOBALJET

Contamination protection planning X Important data and tables X X Knowledge of criteria and standards of inspection and the correct tools to use to ensure inspection procedures and standards are achieved so that all defects will be found. Also referred to as carbon 120-994 tracking, wet arc tracking, or dry arc tracking. Replacement of components for terminal blocks-non-modular. Knowledge of how human factors for example fatigue and complacency on the part of the inspector can affect inspection and how to combat their effects.


This carbon path provides a short circuit path 12094 which electrical current can flow. Safety practices and standard techniques Cable identification, wire types, cable forming Looming, lacing, cable clipping and routing Connectors 1209-4 repairs, stripping, crimping, soldering Troubleshooting, use of meters and standard test equipment Practical Hand Skills Training with type-related cables and connectors using a purpose-designed exercise board.

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Signs of overheating 1 See Appendix D for definition. Instruction Sheet Installation Instructions for Alarm Module Kit AF 1 Ad The information contained within is based on information available at the time of going to print.

Objectives At the completion of this module the student is able to demonstrate the following: Appendix A c of 14 CFR part 43 lists the tasks that are considered preventive maintenance.


How to use cross-reference indexes, chapter tables of contents, and a tables of contents to find specific material within each sub-chapter and section. This order assigns the Light-Sport. This course can be used by training providers for all maintenance persons at any stage in their careers. Functional Failure Failure of an item to perform its intended function within specified limits.


January Policy Title: Terms used in this AC such as shall or must are used only in 1220-94 sense of ensuring applicability of this particular method of compliance when the acceptable method of compliance described herein is used.

Terminal blocks modules, grounding modules, and contacts h. A mirror may be necessary to enhance visual access to all exposed surfaces in the inspection area.

Knowledge from approved data of different insulation types and their relative qualities. This advisory circular AC provides one means, but not the only means, of ensuring that the More information.

The following definitions apply: Troubleshooting procedures manuals, including fault isolation manual all chapters b.

The standard wiring practices manual and the appropriate connective devices should be available to the class so repair procedures af be fully explored. Required wiring checks using troubleshooting procedures and charts a. The presence of a foreign material that is likely to cause degradation of wiring.