In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to use the inbuilt PIC16fA ADC. We will be reading the ADC values from chanel Zero and transmitted on UART at . You need to actually read the datasheet, particularly the chapter on the A/D. Two obvious problems from a quick look at the code are that you. Apart from a large number of digital I/O lines, the PIC16F contains 14 and stores the conversion results into the ADC registers (ADRESL and ADRESH);.

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analog-modules – MikroElektronika

The ADC of course! You can download it from SK40C product page. In fact, the assembly language of the PIC series has several differences than microcontrollers developed by Motorola. It seems you have some delays in there, so this condition is met. As usual simulate the code using Proteus before actually go with our hardware, the schematics of the project is shown below:.

The A PIC is marginally different in this respect. Now after initializing the ADC module inside our main function, lets get into the while loop and start reading the ADC values. The eight pins which can read the analog voltage are mentioned in the datasheet. By varying the pot, a variable voltage will be sent to the MCU which will be read by the ADC module and displayed on the 7-segment display Module. Because this in theory the ADC has an accuracy of 0. But it is only rated to drive 50pF.

John Birckhead 4, 4 By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Placing a semi-colon next to while will make the program to be held there till the condtion of the while loop is false. Finally you have a C project as shown in figure. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


A photoresistor or light dependent resistor LDR is a resistance pic166f887 with increasing incident light intensity. Project 6 — Analog Sensor: Connections of 4-digit seven segment display module with PIC microcontroller are same as the previous project, we have just added a potentiometer to the pin 7 which is the analog channel 4. Once the pin is analog, requesting digital logic will result in wrong info. As the table shows, memory wise, both Pic16t887 and are the same, whereby both have 8K words of program memory and bytes of data memory.

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New Light Weight Champion – PIC16F887

The picc16f887 for using ADC with PIC Microcontroller is very simple, we just have to understand these four registers and then reading any analog voltage will be simple. Please reply me with by sending me the mail. Olin Lathrop k 30 The maximum input voltage of the ADC is 5V. Now I have to display the voltage on a 7-segment display.

Aside from individual port settings, one must first initialize two bytes to tell the ADC module a variety of parameters before taking any readings. Hope this answers your question!!

Sign up using Facebook. You can replace 4 with any preferred channel number. With SK40C, setting up the hardware will only take you five seconds. I’m trying to read a temperature sensor Lm35 from my pic16f ADC. The resolution depends on the number of bit. So that everyone can be benifited out of it. After ensuring connection upload the program into PIC and you should see an output like this Here we have read the ADC value from the pot and converted it to the actual voltage by mapping the output as volts as shown in program.


ADC accuracy pic16f Ask Question. Micro-Coulombs don’t make any sense here. Range using Infrared distance sensor Analog distance sensor which have a function that same as the Ultrasonic sensor which is use to measure range. To get the result, an mathematics formula are required to apply into our C-code for calculation. I usually sum 8 readings and right-shift the answer 3 bits.

Link that explains the difference between accuracy, resolution, precision and sensitivity: I am still new to this and need some guidance. But for different integrated circuit such as PIC MCU, we need to define at the beginning of the code that the port using are either input or output and also declaration for digital or analog signal send and received.

However, you are still able to use it, provided that the program changes the analog pin to digital pin every time before it reads digital input pin, and same step apply when the program wants to read analog input pin. Hello that such a friend, I would like to know if I could pass the simulation of the file because I try to simulate the diagram and not only appear zeros and I move the potentiometer and I keep appearing the same.

Almost all the pif16f887 like temperature sensor, flux sensor, pressure sensor, current sensors, voltage sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, distance sensor, and almost every known sensor or transducer produces an analog voltage of 0V to 5V based on the sensors reading.