A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub Program There is no question that Aegisub is a powerful and great tool for making subtitles. Authôt offers you a complete tutorial of the free Aegisub software to synchronize your subtitles to your videos in a few clicks | Test. Welcome to the CMBT Tutorial series. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software. Required Programs.

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Aegisub Tutorial: Synchronize your subtitles to your videos | Authôt |

To edit the text of a subtitle you must click on the corresponding subtitle and make the change in the text box 1. A frame roughly corresponds to about Let’s make a new style for our current script. When you hear the end of the phrase, ” Although we turned auto-scroll on, it sometimes “jumps” at rather inconvenient locations.

It’s not very useful for distinguishing between human speech and other background information. Let’s leave it as black. Please note that if you tuttorial something into the text box, and double-click another line without committing, you will lose your changes!

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Your new style should look like this: We won’t touch upon this here. The rest of the icons are pretty self-explanatory e. Then select the four options in the Filters window. If you’re happy with what you’ve got, save your file. Alternatively you can click and drag the orange bars.


Doing this ensures greater audio accuracy. Save your subtitles as a. I find having all three onscreen to be incredibly beneficial when subbing so best to view them all.

We will help you step-by-step in using the open source software called Aeigsub to create your own subtitles.

The brain tutoril that lead-in time to change from watching-mode into reading-mode. Primary, Secondary, Outline, and Shadow, plus text boxes below each of them. Choose where in the video your text will show up. As you continue to time, you’ll get the hang of it and will get considerably faster at it.

Load the file you are timing. This means that it is necessary to calculate when the subtitles appear and disappear from the ttutorial so that there is synchronization with the sound.

To the left is a list of styles you have created in Aegisub. We start playing the audio again by clicking or press T. Video has gradually become the key content on the Internet. You don’t really need to see the video when you are timing – it tutoriwl becomes a distraction. Computers and Electronics Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Vertical Zoom determines the sensitivity of the analysis, such that quieter sounds can be seen easier. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software.


Voila, we can see how the new styles look in the video preview. Aegiisub signals you with a color code when the CPS is too high.

Keep your left hand on the ASDF home keys, with your left thumb on the spacebar. In the same way, you can copy styles already saved in your computer to any new subtitle script you make.

You can play around with the Miscellaneous optionsbut they’re really important only when doing visual typesetting. Tips for synchronize your subtitles to your video: I keep individual subtitles at a maximum of two lines. To the left, you’ll see the video, along with the “Visual typesetting toolbar, which is used in making fancy-looking subtitles usually for signs. Style Name – something memorable so you know what it is. Now, start audio playback by clicking Shortcut Key: You won’t really need to know this for the CMBT project, as I have already defined all the styles myself, but let’s go through the options anyway.

Move the text to the desired position.