Akai S Sampler & MD disk drive owners manuals. I no longer have this sampler/drive, but I found the owners manuals in my file cabinet. This is. AKAI MODEL S SECTION 4 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AIVIC PC BOARDS No part of this manual may be re- produced in any form without permission from. Akai S This page is mainly under construction. 😉 I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S Sampler. user manual (to be scanned); service manual part 1 · service manual part 2 · Update: Info regarding the.

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When placing an order for parts, be sure to list the parts no. If there is no indication even if the above process has been performed, it would be considered that the S has some trouble. Attention Never connect this plug to any other equipment. This shifting will also be made by a cam. These must also be replaced only with specified replacements. Realization of sampling time up to 8 seconds 4 kHz, 1 second 32 kHz. This signal is used for execising bit synchron- ization on MFDemodulator.

Though I think this is a great piece of software for an nice old manusl, which should be spread a little bit more, I am definitely not able to do this task. Board into an old type unit, be sure to modify Power Supply P.

Akai S612 Manuals

Presented below are the individual signals that will be employed for both the channels, A and B, of SIO. Use a liquid cleaner exclusively made for tape decks.

I asked him, whether he would still sell it, but he said “Oohm, I could build it, but I don’t like the hustle with sending gear, checking bank accounts and similar stuff; people will call me and stuff like that; but if you [means me] are really interested, you could take over the distributor part”. Board has been changed as follows. David still leads Akai’s London Research and Development team. Refer to the replacement method of the felt pad as shown in the Maintenance II page 13 and perform the replacement of felt pad.


The Recommended Spare Parts List shows those parts in the Parts List which are considered particularly important for service. Reattach the 2 screws which secure the disk holder. Not interchangeable Service Ref. The value of registors in Main P. I don’t have the floppy drive system and would rather Reattach the upper cover to the Akai MD with the 6 screws 1 screw each for the front and the rear panels, 2 screws each for the left and right sides of the upper cover.

Hold your finger on the felt pad holder to keep it open until you have attached the new felt pad.

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A splicing point can be selected mankal any time by switching to the manual splice mode. To improve performance In order to prevent noise or distortion in sound when a chord is played, the registor value in Main P.

Also check areas surrounding repaired locations. The S contains an advanced scanning mode system with ‘looping’ and ‘alternating’ modes. According to Akai’s S owner’s manual, these are it’s features: Anyway, if the head lifetime is expired, the mecha mechanism block must be replaced. In addition to safety, other manua and assemblies are specified for conformance with such regulations as those applying to spurious radiation.


One day in September I mentioned on analog heaven maillist this update, and two guys asked me how to get this. Middle of June Service Ref. To determine where a part number is listed, utilize the Parts Index at the end of the Parts List.

Remove the 4 screws on the left and right side pan- els 2 each of the Akai MD I already have a job and I do not want to setup an additional business. The owners manual for this update can be downloaded here unfortunately this manual only existed in german: Manual Splice Mode The S61 2 normally manyal up a splicing point by using the automat- ic splicing system.

Attention Never connect this cartridge to any other equipment. Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed parts.

Homepage Florian Anwander – Akai S

If the re-writing is required, perform it by sealing the hole with adhesive tape etc. Confirm the wearing condition by the following procedure: When replacing a new type Main P. Eight presses will return mnual the point set by the levers. Memory – KB 8 seconds at 4KHz. The S is equipped with an LFO sine wave onlywhich can add vibrato effects with a delay. Images from Akai Pro.

If the symptoms still exist, turn off the S and disconnect the MD from the S and see if the S6 1 2 works properly by itself.