Rajeev Jhanji is an eminent scholar and teach of Vedic astrology. He has taught astrology for several years to hundreds of students in the Institute of Astrology of. Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions [Rajeev Jhanji, K S Charak, N K Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions has 5 ratings and 0 reviews . This is the first ever book on the use of Yogini dasha for successful.

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It is a common practice in India to name a new born child according to the Naamakshara indicated by the pada of the nakshatra of birth of the child. By adding various periods of dashas, applicationss present operative dasha of a person can be found out.

Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions

Selected pages Title Page. The remaining 20 years are ruled by malefic planets Pingala 2 yearsBhramari Mars 4 yearsUlka Saturn 6 years and Sankata Rahu yoginj years. Please observe that the sequence of Yoginis is alternatively benefic and malefic and their periods are progressively increasing by one year. Now divide by 8.

In view of the above statement, it is surprising why this dasha is not more universally employed. Manohar Jha marked it as to-read Aug 16, The first book ever in the history of Vedic astrology on the applications of Yogini dasha.

Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions

Ill disposed, weak or afflicted significator gives trouble in respect of the areas applicatoons by significator. Common terms and phrases 5th lord afflicted Annual Chart aspecting the tenth aspects the fifth aspects the fourth astrologers benefic benefic planets Bhramari Birth Chart cb cb cb CD CD dasha systems Dashamsha debilitated divisional charts Drekkana Dwadashamsha eighth yogino eleventh Event favourable fifth house fifth lord Saturn fourth house fourth lord horoscope house lord K.


Account Options Sign in. To further elucidate the above mentioned principles, two more charts of siblings are being given here. Applications of yogini dasha for brilliant predictions. Before applying dasha system to a horoscope in order to time events, a general assessment of the horoscope is essential. Interpretation of Divisional Charts. The position of the significator and the appropriate house thus function as alternative lagnas. Subash Paneru added it May 01, The Sun occupies the adverse twelfth house and falls in the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Both Saturn and Jupiter aspect the ninth house from the Sun. Want to Read saving…. The result is Yogini Dasha Major and Sub Periods. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

For constraints of space only the birth charts and the dwadshamsha charts are being given in the present article; the navamsha charts are not being included in this discussion.

In the birth chart the major-period lord Rahu is placed in the eighth house with the Sun, the significator for father. An attempt will be made here to explain the method of application of Yogini dasha through some example horoscopes related to varying areas of life of different natives.

In the dwadashamsha, the lagna lord is associated with the malefics Mars, Ketu and the sixth lord Moon. Since the operative Dashz dasha reveals a lot about the likely things happening in the life of a person, even in the absence of a proper horoscope, we can know a lot about the person. The ninth lord in the seventh, though exalted, is retrograde and associated with a debilitated Mercury.

In the dwadashamsha, Rahu occupies the eighth from the lagna and the sixth from the Sun. This is the first ever book on the use of Yogini dasha for successful predictions with profuse illustrations. Nimal Marasinghe marked it as to-read Daxha 22, Applications of yogini oof for brilliant predictions Rajeev JhanjiApplicatjons K.


The placement of an exalted eleventh lord Moon also in the ninth house aspected by a debilitated Jupiter from the fifth are relatively ineffective factors for mitigating the affliction to the ninth house. Yogini dasha is a nakshatrika dasha based on the nakshatra of the Moon at the time of birth. Yogini dasha should be used along with Vimshottari for a double check of the timing of an event.

Dashha ninth house receives the aspect of Mars. In the dwadashamsha the lagna is occupied by Ketu and aspected by Mars. Thanks for telling us about the problem. From the Sun both of them fall in the adverse six-twelve axis.

Twelfth from any house causes loss to that house. The Meaning in Vimshottari Dasha.

Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions : Rajeev Jhanji :

Kaloian Ivanov marked it as to-read Mar 30, Mgovindaraju marked it as to-read Jan 27, Quick Use of Yogini Dasha. Similarly placement or aspect of benefics or lords of benefic houses enhances the results of the house concerned.

Bimal Mahesh added it Jul 02, Shashank is currently reading it Nov 11, Quick Use of Yogini Dasha. Raj Kamal added it Feb 23,