Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to the. DA PAM SUPPLY SUPPORT ACTIVITY SUPPLY SYSTEM: MANUAL PROCEDURES. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently Added.

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Property book officer level, page Followup of request for 7102-2. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Educational institutions having both Army and other Services ROTC units will make maximum joint use of items authorized on a per-school basis. Items will be requested and stocked on basis of usage. Measures of customer support are not always appropriate when the sole customer is an internal organizational operation; for example, general support maintenance units and Aar mission stock record accounts.

Stockage may be increased after the first full review period.

The management level of the operational loads and PLL is to always have 7710-2-2 least 95 percent of total load on hand or on request. Other than obvious FWT will be determined by competent wr authority. The total dollar value of the stockage allowance is recomputed annually as of the last day of the first month of the fiscal year, as required by AR —5, paragraph 14—28 a 5.

To qualify for shop stock, an item must have had at least three demands in a control period to add and one demand to retain. Management of loads, page OCIE issued to subunits on primary hand receipt will be recorded in the management portion of the property record such as location, authority, and on hand columns.

The CIF will use this information to develop tailored issues. Assignment of property responsibility. The duplicate is kept by the personreceiving the supplies. Transfer of property must not 7110-2-2 property to be excess in the gaining unit nor create a shortage in the losing unit.


Nondemand supported shop stock lines may be stocked and will be limited to no more than 10 percent of ra demand-supported lines on the approved shop stock list, with the following exceptions:. Projections of on-hand data.

Stock Control, page For initial stockage, the demand rate is the quantity demanded when the three recurring demands occurred, divided by the 7102-2 of days in which they occurred. Radio frequency total asset visibility property accounting procedures. Donated or abandoned material. The document numbers from the registers will not be duplicated.

AR – Supply Policy Below the National Level

The purposes of the DOD RATTS are to maintain continuous visibility by serial number and wipe test 710-22-2 all chemical detector cells radio active source NSN —01—— and drift tube modules radio active source NSN —99—— from procurement through demilitarization and disposal, a to provide strict control of all cells and drift tubes for the purpose of safety to the user and maintainer.

Sales of Petroleum Products, page The following rules will be observed whenmaking a decision to use the Government-wide purchase card:. The 710-22- will maintain the basic load authorization data on the property book records in order to expedite deployment. The diagnostic repair parts are to be accounted for on PLL records for accountability purposes but are not part of the PLL.

These demands must be recorded for the TRM funding process, which is critical for obtaining operational TEMPO dollars to purchaseClass 9 supplies to support mission requirements. The total number of lines on a PLL will not exceed lines unless approved as explained below.

Tactical maintenance units must be able to transport their shop stocks using organic transportation. Requesting and receiving Army property. If the ROTC region commander agrees, officers and noncommissioned officers may assist the custodian if it does not interfere with their primary military duties. Found on installation property will not be picked up on organization property records.


The method of establishing the stockage level will also be prescribed.

Any item needed to save human lives or to relieve human suffering. Minor property book adjustments that do not affect the on hand balance will be accomplished using an administrative adjustment report AAR. This inventory is conducted per chapter 2, section III, and table 2—1n. Property responsibility is the relationship between people and the property under their control.

Centrally managed items with a NSN assigned that are commercially available when the designated approving official the individual who supervises the cardholder determines the purchase to be in the best interest of the Government. Materiel release denial rate.

Arr replenishment of consumables is requested by the hand receipt holder. The PBO will provide the purchase cardholder written confirmation that the reconciliation occurred. For an ammunition basic load requested on a preapproved DA Form Request For Issue and Turn-In of Ammunitionbut not on hand, the document number will be entered to the property book.

Pass complete!

ARNG may maintain a day supply of consumable items. When dedicated maintenance personnel and tools are not authorized for unit level maintenance operations, PLLs may be consolidated at the level where maintenance personnel and tools are authorized. Listings will also identify the type of stockage, that is, shop stock or bench stock. The policy for the accounting and assignment of responsibility for OCIE items on a unit or element of a unit. Property books are organized so that organization and installation property are kept separately.