This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on. CCSi Ultra-Life Specimen Cutting Dies: ASTM D D Upper Specimen Die. D Lower Specimen Die. CCSi manufactures these high quality. Standard Astm d – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The recommended test temperatures are those speci? The maximum test time: The rate of stress relaxation has been found to correlate with rubber structure characteristics such as molecular mass distribution, chain branching, and gel content.

The temperature measuring system shall consist of platinum resistance temperature sensors, thermocouples, or thermistors. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of 1d646 standard. The dimensions of the shearing disk viscometer, test temperatures, and procedures for determining Mooney viscosity are defined in these test methods. Either situation will result in undue r1646 and erroneous results.

Contact Supplier Start Order. When a recorder is not used, observe the dial indicator or digital display continuously during the s interval preceding the speci?

ASTM D1646

The test data can be saved automatically. A hole punched in the center of one of the test pieces facilitates the centering of the disk stem. Not exactly what you want? Historical data can be added together to analysis and can be printed out. These precision parameters should not be used for acceptance or rejection testing of any group of materials without documentation that they are applicable to those particular materials and the speci?


High accuracy of temperature control, large temperature range.

Take as the viscosity the minimum value to the nearest whole unit during this interval. This is called ‘stress relaxation’ and these test methods describe a test method for measuring this relaxation.

Mooney viscosity is de? For there materials, the precision for unmassed specimens is better than for mill massed specimens. This test method describes the procedure to measure stress relaxation. C Time after the standard 1. The dimensions of the die cavity, measured from the highest surfaces, shall be When the small rotor is used this increase is 3 units and the time is designated t3. Contact Supplier Start Order. When specimens cannot be easily cut from the unmassed material and mill massing is not appropriate, the manufacturer of the material should be asked to recommend an alternate sample preparation procedure.

A nonuniform pattern indicates wear of the die holder surface or distortion of dies and die holders. This can result in different viscosity values for some rubbers. This test method describes how pre-vulcanization properties may be measured. Thus both of these tests are important and complement each other. In a plot of log M versus log t, as shown in Fig.

Testing Standards List

Imported integrated circuit and control components. When the large rotor is used the increase is 5 units and the time is designated t5. Computer real-time display test process, can directly read the changing process of temperature and time-Mooney viscosity from the computer.

The values given in parentheses are for information only. The serrations on the face of the rotor shall 4 Decker, G. The curing characteristics reported in Record the following information: No pronounced increase in r and Ris evident. The large rotor shall be China cup viscometer China rotating viscometer China flow cup viscometers.


For these higher molecular weight rubbers, better correlation between viscosity values and molecular weight is obtained if the test temperature is increased.

ASTM D1646 natural rubber mooney viscosity meter

China viscose yarn China viscose crepe fabric China viscose elastane fabric. ASTM D rubber rheometer mooney viscometer.

A greater force may be required to close the dies when tests are made on stocks having extreme toughness. Any rotor worn to such an extent that the rotor diameter is less than the minimum diameter shown e1646 this procedure shall not be used.

HYII Mooney Viscometer is used to determine the Mooney viscosity, scorch time and vulcanization index of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and regenerated rubber.

The disk d1466 slowly and continuously rotated in one asgm for a speci? S r 5 repeatability standard deviation. If not, establish a procedure. The Mooney viscometer shall incorporate the following components: For all but the lowest viscosity material BRthe precision for unmassed specimens is better than for mill massed specimens.

NOTE 10—Resetting torque to a static zero is necessary because the dynamic zero used for the viscosity test would result in a negative torque value once the material had completely relaxed with a stationary disk. NOTE 7—A brass pry rod with a? Better repeatability within labs and reproducibility between labs is normally obtained on unmassed specimens.

Repeat this procedure until a total of nine passes have been completed. For the r and Rasym, the difference in the two single test results is expressed as a percentage of the arithmetic mean of the two results.