An SMLT/SLT is Avaya’s proprietary equivalent to Cisco’s Virtual PortChannel feature. When do you use one over the other, SMLT or SLT?. It was recently pointed out to me that I had never written a post documenting how to configure SMLT to a edge/closet switch. While there are. Multi-link trunking (MLT) is a link aggregation port trunking technology developed at Nortel in . SMLT is supported within the following Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) Product Families: ERS

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ERS config -if vlacp port 1,2,3,4 enable. Also, is it possible to spread the load over all uplinks, utilizing both core swicthes in order to spread the load? CP-Limit will shutdown the link to try and protect the core network. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Company Private Only you and moderators can see this information.

SLPP is a protocol design to detect edge switches that are not configured properly. If this still does not resolve the loop, the secondary switch will disable its uplinks, isolating them and preventing the rest of the network from being affected by the loop: Now for the edge configuration.

Hi Micheal, i just have a problem, 2 ers working with smlt but, second ers ip address renewing but very slow First main system v3.


Retrieved from ” https: The split may be at one or at both ends of the MLT. Now set it up using the following commands: ERS config vlan create 20 name data2 smly port.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Now clean up and add some Avaya best practices to the core.

MLT on Exos to work with Avaya MLT/SMLT

BPDU Filtering will help to keep devices that could be connected to the network from causing root bridge re-elections and topology flapping. Traffic is split across both links using an algorithm that hashes the source and destination MAC addresses this way the same conversation always flows over the same path.

Retrieved 3 Sep The layer 3 configuration of the core is next. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nortel. Some documents infer the IST is a routed link, others that it is a switched link.

ERS config interface FastEthernet Salett December 17, That way, it will default to L2 acaya for hashing. Next create the MLT at the edge: This command will discard any non Some say no user traffic is sent across IST, but then how would you get redundant connectivity.

Avaya Split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT) Layer 2 Trunking

We are currently installing a new datacenter and needed to aggregate the link black fiber between our two sites. As was mentioned, it is much more common to see a stack of switches at the edge rather than single switch, for obvious reasons. ERS config vlan ports 1,2,3,4 tagging tagAll filter-untagged-frame enable.


avyaa This is obviously not an optimal traffic path. The intent is that all the packets from a single conversation should flow over the same path, avoiding out of order frames, etc. MultiLink Trunking MLT is a point-to-point connection that aggregates multiple ports to logically act like a single port, with the aggregated bandwidth.

MLT on Exos to work with Avaya MLT/SMLT | Extreme Networks Support Community

Nortel recommends always using DMLT when possible. ERS config mlt 1 name toCore member 1,2,3,4 learning disable.

Should any one switch, port, or more mslt one link fail, the DSMLT technology will automatically redistribute traffic across the remaining links. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will avata be published. VLACP parameters must be configured the same on both ends of the link to achieve connectivity. ERS config -if vlan mgmt Yes, you are correct. Should any one or more than one link fail, the MLT technology will automatically redistribute traffic across the remaining links.

What is a MLT, DMLT, SMLT, SLT or IST?

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