Foetid Bloat-drone. $ Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Add to cart. Gift List Share Usually ships within 24hrs. Also available in Death Guard Infection. The Blight Drone is a Daemon Engine of Chaos, usually employed by followers of the Chaos God Nurgle, particularly the Death Guard. Seemingly a bizarre. Nurgle Blight Drone, engaged during the battle for Armory Swarms of Blight Drones infested the area through which the 30th line korps advanced.

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Blight Drones

Vallejo Paint Sets Empire of Sonnstahl Booster Packs and Starter Sets 6. Poorly understood by the inhabitants of the world, the Pox Tribesmen believe them to be little more than an awful new form of creature spawned in the depths of the great Living Seas.

Chaos Space Marines which may be used by their allies. Unconfirmed reports have placed these obscene weapons as part of the daemonic incursions in the Auralis Wars, the Charadis Rifts and the fall of Mitra Prime in the opening battles of the 13 th Black Crusade.


Blight Drone – 1d4chan

The Blight Drones’ squat, bloated form also proved unusually resilient to weapons fire for a skimmer of their size, a factor attributed to their seemingly ‘living’ flesh and rusted armour plating, as well as the will of whatever dark intelligence guided them. Although the Nuurgle Drone’s first confirmed encounter with the Imperium was during the Siege of Vraksand their true origins remain unknown, it was far from the last. Super Dungeon Explore 6.

Aug 16, in ChaosWarhammer 40k Tags: They were in the Pauldrons: Swarms of Blight Drones infested the area through which the 30th line korps advanced. The Alliance of Kurak 3. As with any light vehicles they can be quite vulnerable though.

Blight Drone | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Runewars Miniatures Game Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Army Deals 5. Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Scale Lord of the Rings 6. Retrieved from ” http: They are also known as Bilecysts which is just a few characters off from being mistakenly called a Bicyclist. Imperial Guard Support Vehicles 4.

Chaos Space Marine army that includes at least one unit of Plague Marines. Mansions of Madness A few had never been encountered before or at least none had lived to tell the tale of meeting themand of this latter category on Vraks amongst the most unique and horrific were the Blight Drones. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


Retrieved from ” https: Perry Brothers Plastics Appearing as an eerie jumble of insect, flying machine, and Daemon, a Blight Drone buzzes through the polluted skies of Pyurultide on rusted and decayed rotor blades. Star Wars Bligut 6. Citadel Layer 1 Lords of War 0.

You should all go follow my friend, Matt. The size of the Blight Drone seems to vary depending on which media it is presented in. United Colonies of Mankind 5.

Army Book and Sets 0. The swirling mass of daemonic energies that empower the Blight Drones gather and twist around the governing intelligence of the Command Cluster at its heart like a malign vortex. Water and Stone texture The Black Library 0. It turns out quite a lot of good films came out in that year.