The third book in the phenomenal New York Times bestselling Nightshade series Calla has always welcomed war. But now that the final battle is upon her. Parents need to know that the final installment in author Andrea Cremer’s best- selling supernatural Nightshade trilogy once again features. The Paperback of the Bloodrose (Nightshade Series #3) by Andrea Cremer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Not if you haven’t read the first two! But yes, this is a war people, we are dealing with loss, regret, questioning if that could have been prevented and some of these characters you’ve never been introduced to, some new characters that had started to grow on you.

As I read a book, I take notes after each chapter. There is also really bad violence. See what you do to me?

BLOODROSE by Andrea Cremer | Kirkus Reviews

In her books, she strives to bring together her two passions: I can’t wait to read this book. Surely this can not be crfmer finished copy??!! OK another little gripe having to do with Ren was his relationship with Adne. I will try though. Several couples kiss passionately, and Calla initiates sex with one of her two suitors.


Yeah, mystery to me, too.

Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer | : Books

Whenever they spoke about having children, they said a liter of cubs. Five stars for the narration, maybe a 3. Andrea now lives in New York and writes full time. I feel like unnecessary deaths are starting to diffuse into YA, and I’m not liking the trend.

But not the way I love you,” I said. All I can say is It was so visual. While Calla basically throws herself at Shay. This is no girl power I am so mad at how much money I What??


As they are attacked, a group of wolves, including Stephen, come to aid them. I love Connor, Ethan, and Adne. Sabine goes to see them with Ethan and feels better about them and where she is.

Congratulations Andrea Cremer for taking one of my favorite series and turning the last book in the trilogy into The Biggest Dissapointment I’ve read all year. Hence why Ansel was so broken when he had his wolf bloodrpse from him.


That should not be over looked simply because my favorite character was ax’d. I guess I’m done. Like j Alright, I literally just opened a goodreads account so I could write this review for Bloodrose.

Going into this book, I have to say anvrea this was probably the best book of the trilogy. Hence why I won’t give this a rating.

Bloodrose: Nightshade, Book 3

But I just love all these characters that I don’t want anyone to die. Shay kills one with his sword, but Calla is captured by the other. I liked the characters, so it was good to read and learn more about them.