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The result is truly exceptional sound at high frequencies. Kingko Audio and Omega. Enough babbling already, v&w do they sound? The statistics are as awesome as ever. This is getting to be a habit. The tube also has internal damping; the idea is that any rearward output from the drive unit travels down this tube and is absorbed, so none of it reflects back through the 800s to corrupt the forward output. Paradigm Persona 5F loudspeaker.

Stereophile’s Products of They are housed in a beautifully built curved enclosure, which is heavily braced to reduce resonance. Studio Quality While the slimmer dimensions of the Diamond make it an easier fit for living spaces, the basic design retains nearly all of the features of the top-of-the-range Diamond, including the teardrop form of the midrange head. Monitor Audio Silver loudspeaker. Home Studo Speaker The design and proportions of the top two speakers in the range are derived at for sound acoustic reasons – but understandably, not everyone wants the visual disruption that such a radical piece of furniture can create in a home environment.

It is, in a word, super honest. In the original Nautilusthe tweeter was housed in a molded tapered tube behind the dome which absorbs much of the acoustic output from the back of the dome.


Notice that they lean forward slightly? Recording of June A more potent electromagnetic engine drives the new woofers, powered by a motor system with two neodymium magnets to provide a more symmetrical magnetic field over long excursions, thereby reducing distortion and increasing dynamic response.

In other words, the D continues to reign v&w for ordinary super rich mortals. All of those things combined would certainly make the two speakers sound different, but is the new speaker actually “better”?

What Hi-Fi?

Their sound is royal, deep, wide and colorful. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. This has been put right in the new model. It was my hope that the diamond tweeter at least would be a match for the stunning pure ribbon tweeter in the Magnepans. Log in or register to post comments. Force of Attraction For the Series Diamond range, we’ve refined the science of magnet motor design to a fine art.

Red plot is Diamond, with a trasparent layer of the D over top. Synthese Floating 2 — Mini Review 4 May Your comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the range covered by the new and old diamond tweeter, they both have the same peak at 10K, followed by the dip at 5. Finally, a quick comparison with the Synthese Floating 2.

B&W D | HFA – The Independent Source for Audio Equipment Reviews

Raise the overall treble level 1dB on the D, and it would be virtually interchangable with the Diamond. My initial listening was with Transparent cabling allround. Sometimes these speakers amaze me and sound totally convincing. They may have heard new speakers, bad equipment g&w there may have been a mismatch going on.


The original woven surroundless Kevlar cone housed in its round Marlan enclosure has changed little, but even here there have been improvements behind the scenes, for example a new strengthened basket structure. This is a loudspeaker that tips the scales at lbs apiece or kg as we prefer in the UKand the D is extremely big, though not especially tall at The speaker can 800e tilted if necessary by adjusting the feet.

The N not only sounded airier and more subtle, it was more engaging overall, as if it was completely run in and the D came freshly 800d of the box. Tucked away on a bookshelf or positioned on its specially designed stand, it’s perfect for g&w listening spaces. And it comes as standard with every speaker in the range, including the Diamond. Other than that, the midrange is very well-executed, and may well be the best part of this speaker.

Perhaps it is the unusually homogenous integration between the various drive 80d, or perhaps it is the lack of group delay, which after all is a property intimately associated with phase and therefore timing. Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit loudspeaker. The tweeters should be pointed at, or just behind the ears with a degree of precision that is necessary because the dispersion of the tweeter is very narrow near its upper frequency limit.

The result is a cleaner, more detailed treble performance. That goal has been achieved. The original Nautilus was always a formidable beast, but it was not without its detractors.