The Eternal Mercenary has ratings and 86 reviews. Tucker said: I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. For a fifth grade boy, what. A character profile for the hero of a lengthy series of pulp adventure/war novels, Casca Longinus the eternal mercenary. Biography, skills, powers, etc. Casca. Today’s Cover The Eternal Mercenary created by Barry Sadler, forever fighting until the Second Coming. This website is dedicated to the history.

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He establishes friendships and romances that can never last, and the characters he meets in each book will likely never return in a later story.

May 25, Andy rated it it was amazing. The Outlawwhich were written by Michael B.

Needs Wiki Magic Love. Be advised that there are obvious sexist and racist undertones, too. Sure, she could be the type of broken woman who just happens to fall into that category, but not with how the rest of the women rare as they are are in this novel. Casca befriends the gigantic Etsrnal warrior Glam and shares a bittersweet love with Lida, Viking princess.

From the moment Casca etefnal his spear through the torso of Jesus, the self-proclaimed “Son of God,” he began an endless lifelong journey filled with war, death, love, and heartache. What strikes me about the story is the bittersweetness. The problem is, I have read other books and manuscripts on this premise that I have truly adored, and while this is engaging, the writing didn’t sweep me away as those have.

Come on Casca, I am sure you should have learned all about tactics and ways to do things. Goldman later leaves the Army and establishes his own practice. To their incredulous shock, the mass was an ancient, handmade, bronze arrowhead.


The Casca Chronology

I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. Casca is drafted into service by the Merrcenary Man of The Mountain to serve in his fanatical sect, the Assassins. It felt good reading a story about a tough, no-nonsense warrior unashamed of who or what he is.

He was a huge racist at the time of this books writing, and he’s an even bigger racist now. I like the premise, but will need to read another one or two to see if the series, for me, is mercenaty pursuing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Good, he thought, good. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a harrowing journey. His uncle, Tontine, enlisted into the army under Julius Caesar. At the end of the book he was wondering if he could be a general and just shrugged it off, thinking, na, I am just a soldier.

So I don’t really feel compelled to read more of these, and I don’t think it’s okay to just ignore all the problematic elements.

Jesus, after being pierced by Casca’s spear, opened His eyes and looking down at Casca, mercenarg Jun 17, Al Adducci rated it it was amazing. To the general public he is most known for the hit single “Ballad of the green berets” After his musical career he decided to write a series casa novels centered around the character “Casca Rufio Longinius” Who is cursed for pi Librarian Note: I have 20 of the 22 and will complete them all.

The Eternal Mercenary Casca, 1 Author s: Sadler’s later years were controversial. Casca manages to have the hand sewn back on by one of mercnary traveling companions.


He purchased the spear from some of Casca’s comrades to be used as a relic and symbol for the events on Golgotha. So you just a soldier doing your job.

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At every turn of his sword, at every miraculously healed wound on his body, at every escape from death, the words of Jesus echoe madly through his cascw, “Soldier, you are content with what you are. She had given him fifty gold denarii for one evening.

A character living forever meercenary always a special hook. Everything else comes off as a bit slipshod, using little more than a half-remembered history class anecdote or a perfunctory flip through an Encyclopedia.

The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, book 1) by Barry Sadler

In the mid s Sadler moved to Guatemala City where he was shot in the head one night in etrenal taxi. For this, he is cursed with immortality.

All he has are his own memories.

But I still had the satisfaction of using him like a mrcenary. Casca The Eternal Mercenary Author s: At every turn of his sword, at every miraculously healed wound on his body, at every escape from death, the words of Jesus echoe madly through his mind, “Soldier, you are content with what you are.

Casca accepts a contract to rescue the daughter of a munitions manufacturer held captive by a Berber tribal chieftain.