Symptoms develop on trees grown on susceptible rootstocks. They are characterized by the scaling of the bark, an extensive chlorosis of the canopy and a. Download Table | Nucleotide diversity within and between Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd) populations from publication: Host Effect on the Molecular and. Citrus spp. on Poncirus trifoliata, citrange (Citroncirus webberi) or citrumelo (C. reticulata x P. trifoliata) rootstock: bark shelling and cracking occur about

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Citrus Exocortis Viroid | Plant Disease Library

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Go to distribution map The cracks are usually longitudinal, with the bark remaining alive and additional cracks forming as time passes, causing scaling that sloughs off.

Citrus exocortis

The tree growth is stunted with a significant reduction in yield. Citrus medica Etrog citron: Lycopersicon esculentum tomato cv.

Citrus limonia Rangpur lime: Gynura aurantiaca velvetplant is used as the principal herbaceous indicator plant. Symptoms of leaf epinasty and rugosity develop days after inoculation. Phytosanitary Measures Clean stock and certification programmes effectively control viroids as long as CEV is included as a target graft transmissible pathogen to eliminate it from mother trees.

Repeated indexing exocrtis be done to ensure that mother trees don not become reinfected. Cultural Control and Sanitary Methods Care must be taken not to propagate budsources known to be contaminated with CEV onto susceptible rootstocks.

As CEV is easily mechanically transmitted on contaminated knives and cutting equipment, care must be taken to sterilize equipment before trimming or cutting another plant. Sodium hypochlorite or another sterilant that has been proven to effectively inactivate viroids on cutting tools should be used van der Vyver and van Vuuren, In China, intergeneric somatic hybrids between red tangerine C.


Economic damage results when a scion variety infected with CEV is grafted onto susceptible rootstocks. In a case study in Belize, CEV-infected budwood was brought into the country and propagated on Carrizo citrange rootstock, which is susceptible to CEV.

Both blocks were planted at trees per hectare.