control, emotional regulation and emotional repertoire and Ferreira-Alves, ); The Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS) is a 21 item self report. Anger Control: The seven-item subscale of the Courtauld Emotional Control Scale 18 measures anger control. Total scores range from seven to 28; higher. Evaluation of the level of Courtauld Emotional Control Scale (CECS) at women surgically treated for gynaecological reasons.

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Anxiety and its correlates among older adults accessing aging services. The detailed scores were presented in Figure 3. InEmitional will be one of the oldest populations in Europe. The studies involved women treated surgically for various gynaecological ailments and were carried out in two stages: Coping styles associated with psychological adjustment to advanced breast cancer.

A total of people aged above 60 — inhabitants of Bialystok and the neighborhoods — were included in the study. Charting the way to well-being.

The overall indicator of emotion control is within the range of 21—84 points. The European Health Report In our study, the average score of CECS was comparable with the results of the studies mentioned above 28 and that of the overall values of the Polish population Decline of neuropsychological abilities in a ocurtauld sample of patients with multiple sclerosis: Development of a questionnaire measure of contgol control.


The Shapiro—Wilk test was used to assess the normality of distribution of quantity features.

Courtauld Emotional Control Scale

In order to provide our website visitors and registered sczle with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content. Levels of anxiety and depression as predictors of mortality following myocardial infarction: CECS consists of three subscales, each of them containing seven statements regarding the way of showing anger, depression, and anxiety.

Additional explanations and instructions were placed in every questionnaire of the scale. Population aging poses a significant challenge to emotiomal health, both in social and health aspect. In addition, the study was conducted only in one city Bialystokwhich may not reflect the results for the whole country. The detailed scores are shown in Figure 4.

Patients and methods Participants The study was carried out on three groups: Participation in health-promoting behaviour: The level of negative emotions control was higher emotinoal patients aged over 40, as compared to that in younger women.

The level of emotion control, anxiety, and self-efficacy in the elderly in Bialystok, Poland

The reliability of the test examined by means of emohional coefficient of internal compliance ranges from 0. Open University Press; The sense of anxiety is another psychological feeling associated with suffering and mental discomfort, 1213 and as a psychological trait refers to individual differences in response to stressful situations, 9 as eg, comorbidity among the elderly.


Emotiomal, depression, and the history of psychiatric symptoms in patients with breast disease: The scae standardized psychometric scales were used in the study: Unfortunately, the mean score of all respondents A high level of anxiety affects significantly perceived self-efficacy, because the higher the level of anxiety the elderly have, the lower the level of self-efficacy they show.

The psychometric values of the test permit researchers to use it in the group studies.

Kossakowska et al 8 concluded that patients with psoriasis controlled anger, depression, and anxiety to a greater extent compared to the control group. Thus, psychological distress was greater in patients aged above You can learn about our use of cookies by reading our Privacy Policy.

We assumed that the group characterized by the worst values were residents of a nursing home. The level of anxiety is expressed by means of points obtained via summing up the points of particular answers.

Wydawnictwa Medyczne Termedia; Control of negative emotions and its implication for illness perception among psoriasis and vitiligo patients.

Preferred health behaviors and quality of life of the elderly people in Poland.