A Trusted Guide to Discrete Mathematics with ProofNow in a Newly Revised Edition Discrete mathematics has become increasingly popular in recent years due. A Trusted Guide to Discrete Mathematics with Proof—Now ina Newly Revised Edition Discrete mathematics has become increasingly popular. Eric Gossett Discrete Mathematics With Proof – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. CSC Textbook.

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Discrete mathematics has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its growing applications in the field of computer science. Discrete Mathematics with Proof, Second Edition continues to facilitate an up-to-date understanding of this important topic, exposing readers to a wide range of modern and mathematicd applications.

The book begins with an introductory chapter that provides an accessible explanation of discrete mathematics. Subsequent chapters explore additional related topics including counting, finite probability theory, recursion, formal models in computer science, graph theory, trees, the concepts of functions, and relations. Additional features of the Second Edition include:.

Combinatorics receives a full chapter treatment that extends beyond the combinations and permutations material by delving into non-standard topics such as Latin squares, dizcrete projective planes, balanced incomplete block designs, coding theory, partitions, occupancy problems, Stirling numbers, Ramsey numbers, and systems of distinct representatives. A related Web site features animations and visualizations of combinatorial proofs that assist readers with comprehension.

In addition, approximately examples and over 2, exercises are presented throughout the book to motivate ideas and illustrate the proofs and conclusions of theorems. Assuming only a basic background in calculus, Discrete Mathematics with Proof, Second Edition is an excellent book for mathematics and computer science courses at the undergraduate level.


Discrete Mathematics with Proof – Eric Gossett – Google Books

It is also a valuable resource for professionals in various technical fields who would like an introduction to discrete mathematics. Request permission to reuse content from this title. Please read our Privacy Policy. Print this page Share.

Companion Sites Request Evaluation Copy. Companion Sites Study Resources and more Now in a Newly Revised Edition Discrete mathematics has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its growing applications in the field of computer science. Fossett features of the Second Edition include: The Big Picture 86 3. Fuel for Practice 92 3. Proving the Contrapositive 3.

Calculating gcd a, b 3. Hints and Suggestions 3. Searching a List 4. Three Combinatorial Proofs 5. The Master Theorem 7. Planarity, Euler, Polyhedra, Chromatic Number Gossett has thirty years of academic and industry experience in the areas of Web programming, discrete mathematics, data structures, linear algebra, and algebraic structures.

He is the recipient of the Bethel Faculty Service Award for his work developing Bethel’s first generation of Web services. The numbering of definitions, theorems, propositions, corollaries, and lemmas has been merged.

This should help the reader to locate them with less effort. The numbering sequence for examples and Quick Checks have remained as separate sequences.

Over additional exercises or exercise sub-items have been added bringing the total to 3, Detailed solutions are also available in the back of the book for selected exercises. The Wiley Advantage Emphasizes proof combinatorial and non-combinatorial throughout in the text and exercises, and homework problems have been designed to reinforce the book’s main concepts.

Contains many examples that are not present in most discrete mathematics books, including the deferred acceptance algorithm, the Boyer-Moore algorithm for pattern matching, Sierpinski curves, Persian rugs, eirc quadrature, the Josephus problem, the five color theorem, and relational databases. Includes Quick Check problems at critical points in the reading, and it is intended for these problems to be solved before moving on to the next section in the chapter.


Also, many worked examples can be found throughout, which are used to motivate the presented theorems and illustrate the conclusion of a theorem.

Features many important examples from the field of computer science, including the Halting problem, Mathemayics mathematical model of information, XML, and Normal Forms in relational databases.

Discrete Mathematics with Proof, 2nd Edition

Wiley Instructor Companion Site. Contact your Wiley Representative. Appendix H is a free student’s solution manual containing detailed solutions to selected exercises. A Call for Radical Transformation. Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Concepts and Cases, 10th Edition.

Planning a Scientific Career in Industry: Strategies for Graduates and Academics. Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 6th Edition.

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