David said: Simon Singh has the ability to present a story about a Este año tomé nuevamente el libro del Enigma de Fermat, símplemente porque me gustó . El Enigma de Fermat by Simon Singh, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Simon Singh was born in Great Britain in and educated at Imperial College and the University of Cambridge (where he received a Ph. D. in particle.

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Singh’s writing style paints the whole view awestruck people, ecstatic protagonist, exuberant surroundings in front of your eyes. In that sense, it has the effect of a self-help book even without trying to be one. My only gripe with this book is that the author tries to push a narrative a little too hard and tends to over-dramatize certain details.

Trivia About Fermat’s Enigma: They talked in territories. After Wiles’ manuscript of the proof was sent to a publisher, six mathematicians reviewed it, and a crucial gap was found ferkat it.

View all 12 comments. View all 17 comments. This theorem was first conjectured by Pierre de Fermat in and he claimed in his writing that he had a proof of this theorem but he did not have space left on the paper on which he was writing at that time.

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem

Nov 11, Muhammad Shakhawat Hossain rated it really liked it Shelves: And then, true to his word, the little rascal grew up to become an eminent mathematician, one who finally went into seclusion for seven years in order to hack away at this tremendous proof. In Fermat’s Enigma –based on the author’s award-winning documentary film, which aired on PBS’s “Nova”–Simon Singh tells the astonishingly entertaining story of the pursuit of that grail, and the lives that were devoted to, sacrificed for, and saved by it.


Except that the mathematician jo This book is as interesting as a detective story while being about quite advanced mathematics – as such it is quite a book showing the remarkable skill of its writer to explain complex ideas in ways that are always readable and enjoyable. Wiles’s obsessive mindset and solitary quest reminded of Ron Carlson’s short story “Towel Season” and I wonder if Carlson read this or another account of Wiles’s eight-year project to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem?

El enigma de Fermat – Simon Singh – Google Books

Veronica, Goodreads is not a place for the corny wisecracks that you come up with during the fsrmat. And for hundredsd of years the greatest minds in mathematics have tried to find this simple proof and been beaten smion the problem time and again. View all 4 comments. Until a science writer like Singh explained it in metaphors and broad concepts I wouldn’t understand what the mathematician was doing, but wouldn’t it be weirdly magical to observe!

El Enigma de Fermat

Everybody understood that if the proof is correct, then no other recognition is wimon. Probably that’s just because it’s so bloody hard.

Today, Wiles is recognized as the one who developed the proof. Salvo por el exceso de adverbios de mente que, ay, me ponen medio mal es un placer leer las explicaciones complejas de manera tan amable.

I don’t do mathematics and haven’t studied anything beyond the bare minimum required for a Bachelor’s degree, but Singhh find something wonderful about the pursuits of people like Andrew Wiles and the number theorists who spend years of their lives working on a set of problems. Or was Fermat bluffing? Simon Singh’s style of weaving a scientific concept into a beautiful story leaves no occasion for the fictional characters and plots.


And ultimately, what made this book so very stimulating was that the manner in which the story was told really made it come alive. Fermat’s Enigma Reactions and 1 3 Feb 09, So, it was a surprise, but not a total surprise.

El Enigma de Fermat : Simon Singh :

Fermat’s Enigma Reactions and. Instead, in the margin of a book, he left a tantalizing note in Latin: Some may argue that in order to accomplish this, he omitted too much relevant information, that he sacrificed depth for readability.

d Does anyone here have a extra copy? Iako je postojao propust u Freyevom postupku, Ribet je Also, some of the math concepts leading up to it are quite easily comprehensible. This book finds a way to narrate the chain of events from the time of Pythagoras to the final proof of Fermat’s last theorem by Andrew Wiles, entwining with it the key mathematical concepts presented in an accessible form and stories of the mathematicians who made those contributions.

A very trite remark, too lengthy to write in the margin so it is elsewhere, and no one has ever found it or managed to sing his statement, until – – – this book is a brilliant read, enogma would think it would be as dry as dust, but no!

Published September 8th by Anchor first published September 8th There are some near misses e. This really is a delightful book and one that gives an insight into how mathematicians think about the world.

Full review to follow.