El Maximato. DK The Maximato took place from Solidified political system; Enfasized creation of Mexican Identity (feeling of. Maximato was a period in the historical and political development of Mexico ranging from to That period was named after Plutarco Elías Calles, who. Plutarco Elías Calles: Plutarco Elias Calles, Mexican military and political leader who modernized the revolutionary armies and later became president of Mexico.

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Calles had once been the candidate of the workers and at one point had used Communist unions in his campaign against competing labor organizers, but later, having acquired wealth and engaging in finance, suppressed Communism.

During the Calles presidency, he relied on the financial acumen of his Secretary of the Treasury, Alberto J. Eternal Word Television Network. He proved incapable of controlling the reactions from both conservatives…. He created the Department of Labor.

Maderounder whom he became a police commissioner, and his ability to maxumato himself with the Constitutionalists led by Venustiano Carranzathe political winners of the Mexican Revolution — Harper Collinsp. Internet URLs are the best.

Maximato – Wikipedia

The history of Mexico. The Constitutionalist faction went on to defeat rival revolutionary factions. Some of his accomplishments included the establishment of several financial institutions, the restoration of public education, and the implementations of laws related to private charity and monopolies. Views Read Edit View history. Huerta was ousted in by several revolutionary factions, and the Federal Army collapsed with that defeat.

In his last years, he reportedly became interested in Spiritualism. By the early s, the government was persecuting the Mexican Communist Party and allowing fascist organizations to terrorize Mexico’s small Jewish population. His founding of the PRN is criticized by many as the beginning of a long undemocratic period e Mexico.


Calles supported land reforms and promoted the ejido as kexico way to emancipate campesinos, but no e tracts of land were redistributed under his presidency nonetheless.

A History of Fascism. The Mexican Revolution, —p. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat This misalliance deteriorated into an open break, and Calles was forced into exile.

The Mexican Revolution, — Please try again later. Cover of Time Magazine 8 December His radical rhetoric tended to conceal the pragmatic essence maximatto his policy, which was to promote the rapid growth of the Mexican national economy, whose infrastructure he helped to establish.

He named Calles head of the Minister of the Interior.

Since Calles could not succeed himself in the presidency but wished to retain power, he sought a political solution. Baja California 2 was the second plane to be produced and the first aircraft to fly from Mexicali to Mexico City without stopovers and later to Havana, then to Panama and touching several Central American countries maxiamto beginning its return.

Calles retained power, despite his having said that “never, for any motivation and in no circumstances will the current president of the Republic of Mexico come to occupy that position again. He lived in California untilwhen he was permitted to return to Mexico.

Officially, afterhe served as minister of war, as he continued to suppress the rebellion of the Cristero War, but a few months later, after intervention of the United States ambassador Dwight Morrow, the Mexican government and the Cristeros signed a peace treaty. In Calles became governor of Sonora. Retrieved from ” https: His base was the PNR, which he had organized in ; its support mexioc a candidate was tantamount to election. He became a Colonel inand following his involvement in the Plan de Agua Prietahe was named Military Commander of northern Baja California in Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Officially, afterCalles served as minister of war, as he continued to suppress the rebellion of the Cristero Warbut a few months later after the intervention of the United States ambassador Dwight Morrow the Mexican government and the cristeros signed a peace treaty.

Calles could not succeed himself as president and he took a brilliant step, creating a political party, the Partido Nacional Revolucionario PNR. Keep Exploring Britannica Vladimir Putin.

Thereafter, the sexenio formed the basis for regular and orderly political succession. In effect, the party represented the institutionalization of maxiimato new power structure that had emerged as a result of…. Calles was a supporter of Francisco I. Under his presidency social legislation promised by the Mexican constitution of was introduced for the first time, including a minimum wage and the 8-hour working day. Views Read Edit View history.

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Abelardo L. Rodríguez

mecico The language of article 27 threatened the oil possession of U. Calles quickly rejected the Bucareli Agreements of between the U. The Maximato was a transitional period of personal power for Calles, but the institutionalization of political power in the party structure was a major achievement in Mexican history. The introduction of sex education proved to be very controversial, and after the protestations of conservative parents, Bassols was forced to step down and socialist education was abandoned.

During the Maximato, Calles became increasingly authoritarian. This page was last edited on 30 Julyat The Academy of American Franciscan History.