The Esotar² Subwoofer features a unique construction: a. As I did my research I honed in on the Dynaudio Esotar2 , seeing many favorable comments from other forum members and it is often. Subwoofer Dynaudio ESOTAR2 General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self.

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Originally Posted by michaelsil1 Don, Come back to L. The Ultimo easily wins the voice coil diameter battle, sporting a massive mm 5. The Esotar is all that remains. I have thrown just about every high end subwoofer in my trunk, including the Morel Ultimo. The gray, die-cast chassis looks as solid as a rock, and evokes a high-end contemporary look, capped off by a beautiful chromed cover on the underside of the vented magnet structure.

Been dreaming bout dyns lately.

Esotar² subwoofer – Buy Esotar² automotive subwoofer

Originally Posted by mattyjman. Expert Product Support Have a question about a product or need technical assistance? But, I have heard changes in the sonic signature of the sub with the more playing time it gets, and I was able to draw some very definitive conclusions nonetheless. While the Esotar is not 2X better than the Ultimo 12, for me the improvements and benefits are substantial enough to say that if you can afford the Esotar you should buy it.

Would love to hear you car one day. As a seller and supporter of both product lines for many years I will reserve my thoughts of your outcome til you share yours. Originally Posted by jayhawkblk.


The Esotar offers a more compelling listening experience, and looks better too. Originally Posted by rc10mike How well does the Dyn do on sub 20hz? Originally Posted by jayhawkblk I went from the ultimo a few years ago to the esotar.

It’s more like my windshield is exceptional at reproducing sub bass. Originally Posted by nepl29 Great review on the Esotar2 sub, I have a pair in IB and its truly the best sub ive ever had. Much props to Scott!!

Close Be the first to here about our latest and greatest offers and deals. However, based on the published specifications for both, I have reached certain conclusions.

Any alternative would have to work within the space constraints Eotar2 have placed on myself for subwoofer implementation in my car, meaning I must still be able to utilize the vast majority of my trunk and retain my spare tire. Originally Posted by Se7en I’ll be going through there too!!

4/5 Drops DYNAUDIO ESOTAR2 1200 / BOX

Originally Posted by Se7en. Believe me, it continues esotat2 open up even more impressively 50 hours in. Need to return an item or send a defective product back for warranty? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Subwoofer Dynaudio ESOTAR2 specifications.

I really love my E2 I hope that you do as well. Options Quote message in reply? But now that Da Benz is undergoing a cosmetic transformation, Esotxr2 decided to take advantage of this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and find out if I could find a better sonic alternative to the Ultimo. The Dynaudio Esotar2 will not disappoint.


What are you hoping to achieve by switching? In other words, it didn’t ruin my enthusiasm for esotar22 speakers the way it seemingly does for so many.

Given the type of listening I do, I would gladly trade greater power handling fsotar2 greater efficiency. I considered mounting it infinite baffle, but after much thought, and reflecting on the fact that I tried IB set-ups in Da Benz before settling on the AP enclosure, I decided to go with the application I have found most successful in my car.

Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In any event, I cannot, will not say one is better than the other. Fit and finish are fabulous. I have had both subs for a while so both are broken in. Originally Posted by Buzzman I agree that my listening time to date is modest. Thanks to the innovative Dynaudio exotar2 with precise parameters and extremely tight tolerances, this newly-designed 30 cm 12″ diameter woofer has been optimized to achieve the most advanced sub-bass performance.