From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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I’d had some reservations about the ending and the human arc initially, but I have to admit, almost a year later, Excession has slowly crept its way up to become the Culture book that, along with Player of Games, has stuck with me the most.

Excession by Iain M. Banks

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in SF as a vehicle for exploring humanity at both the micro and macro scale.

All in all, Excession is a great book of many levels, with Iain M.

It was only when the records were scrutinised carefully after her body’s destruction that it was realised who she really was. The expression on his face was such that the retirement-home warden almost fainted and had to sit down quickly, but the doctor declared the end had probably been quick.

Better to read this one in hardcopy. Above, where it ought to be right now, there were a couple of enormously wide conduits leading to the photonic nucleus and beyond that the true AI core.

That was why we found your twin so handily placed to intercept you when we realised you were not yet ours and there might be a way out via the displacer. An inspection hatch burst open in the companionway just ahead of the drone and something exploded out of it; cables burst free, filling to overflowing with electrical power.


His breath would not come back. After that, doesn’t really matter if I kill him or he kills me; probably come to war between. It stared into her eyes. It looked dangerously steep, he thought, but cutting it at a shallower angle would have taken longer, and they were forever being hurried along by headquarters….

Apparently he has one final book coming out and it will be his last. First book of this spring’s readathon! They often seem to take a paternalistic and indulgent attitude to the humans and other beings they deal with.

The Diplomatic Force colonel went by the name of Quicktemper. Genar-Hofoen asked with a laugh in his thought, as the blue-collared scratchound writhed hopelessly in the other beast’s jaws and Fivetide started to turn to him. It takes the air out of the fanciful world of the Culture, and makes them seem more like a future proxy for the British Empire, a bunch of ultra-powerful aristocrats enforcing their values on everyone they view as stepping out of line.

EXCESSION by Iain M. Banks | Kirkus Reviews

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The Culture series is one of the most beloved among today’s sf readers, possibly the most beloved but I don’t have any hard figures to ecxession it up so I’ll leave that hyperbole out for now. Oct 10, Simeon rated it liked it Shelves: She became suddenly very aware of her place here, her position.

Excession by Iain M. Banks – ENTROPY

Part of his brain told him he was running short of oxygen; he’d either have to leave the shower or grope for the air hose which was probably in the last place he’d feel for it. Dajeil raised her gaze to the overcast.


His leg ached, echoing with the pain of that ancient injury on the glacier. The trouble was that while in humans this sort of behaviour exdession to manifest itself in practical jokes, petty jealousies, silly misunderstandings and instances of excessoin unrequited love, with Minds it occasionally meant they forgot to tell everybody else about finding entire stellar civilisations, or took it upon themselves to try to alter the course of a developed culture everybody already did know about with the almost unspeakable implication that one day they might do just that not with a culture but with the Culture… always assuming they hadn’t done so already, of course.

It was prepared, it was ready, and it was no ordinary machine; it was at the cutting edge of its civilisation’s technology, designed to evade detection by the most sophisticated instruments, to survive in almost unimaginably hostile conditions, to take on virtually any opponent and to suffer practically any damage in concentric stages of resistance.

Its gas sac deflated and it ran across the floor membrane for the banqueting area of the nest space, dodging the Affronters gradually making their way in that direction.

In the dream, he rose from his camp bed in iai pale light of dawn.

The ship shuddered; the few remaining lights flickered, dimmed and went out. Earlier in the series, they seem cold, j, distant, but for the first time Excession gives us a top-down perspective of how the Culture is run. By accepting the mission, Byr irrevocably plunges him The international sensation Iain M.

What had happened to it?