The front mounted winch fitted to Land-Rover models used different types and style of shear pin: Fairey Winch – uses threaded shear pin. Aeroparts Winch – up to. Unipart House. Cowley, Oxford 0X4 2PG. Telephone: Oxford () Telex: Cables: UNIPART Oxford. FRONT RECOVERY CAPSTAN WINCH. Capstan Winch for Series II lla, and III Land Rovers -. ✓. PAS. Supplied and Manufactured by: AEROPARTS ENGINEERING CO. LTD., (R.T.Z.-Pillar Group).

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Replacement parts for the support bracket kit. Disadvantage – if your engine won’t start, the winch won’t go. Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Clevis Assembly. I believe the serial number is something like SG, but I could be way off.

Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Control Rod. I will be including everything I have for it, minus the crank pulley. I perfer them myself to electric, one advantage is one often use any old rope, but 20mm poly is about the best, the plastic tends to stick to the drum.


Fairey Capstan winch – video & value?

One was a Mayflower and one was a Fairey. A laser cut reproduction support plate for the aeroparts capstan winches. One reproduction distance piece for worm shaft. Offline evilfij I have never seen a rover in person Member.

Series Landrover Fairey Capstan Winch – Complete Setup | eBay

I finally had a chance to revisit this. So it will never rust away like the original It has a smooth drum, which is different from others that I have seen. Originally Posted by nopants I’m entertaining the idea of selling my capstan winch but I have no idea what it is worth.

Yes it’s the thought faieey not having to mess with wire rope and the flexibility that made me go for one. Replacement gaskets for the Aeroparts Capstan Winches.

I would wincg include the A-bar mount for the front bumper. Not as rare as one thinks and one often sinch one for sale with the landie, but a working one complete with dog cutch and all the workings is. Fairey Capstan Winch – Gasket. There is several types of capsanand different dog cutches on my series 2a its different than the one I had on the 3, more positive in action.


The original operating shafts are often bend. I need to replace the input shaft oil seal, but the original is so deteriorated that I can’t get a number from it.

It is 1 mm thic Offline Joe Defender Member. This offer will contain: So be carefull buying esp. One remanufactured bracket set for the 1. This bolt replaces part n One Cpstan Timken bearing for the rear capstan winch. This shear pin is for operational use of the winch. You also wwinch the 3 main bearing bolt and drive dog. Replacement gaskets for the Front Recovery Capstan Winches.

One remanufactured bracket set for the 2.

One re production lockwasher for dog items shown in red on the drawing. Messages 82 Points Fairey Capstan Winch – Ball Bearing. Fairey Capstan Winch – Thrust Washer.