Listen to “Faking It” by Cora Carmack available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Emma Galvin. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free. Cora Carmack has done a multitude of things in her life–boring jobs (retail), Faking It. Losing It (Series). Book 2. Cora Carmack Author Emma Galvin Narrator. KB. Cora Carmack – Losing KB. Cora Carmack – Faking KB. Cora Brent – KB. Colleen Houck – Tiger’s

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View all 9 comments. The shots had definitely kicked in.

Faking It (Losing It #2)(16) read online free by Cora Carmack

She was so different from Cade’s previous crush that there was no comparison. I understand that the plot became progressively more serious, but I found myself missing the sassiness of the storytelling.

I loved how he challenged Max to become comfortable in her own skin—something many of us have struggled with at certain points in our lives. I love opposites attract tropes so this was working for me until Max suddenly freaks out and decides that nothing can happen between them because Nov 16, Jaclyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Faking It candidly follows the perpetual good-boy Cadewho is miserably fighting off his residual feelings for Bliss heroine from Losing It. My hips knew instinctively when to move.


I sighed in satisfaction. It’s about moving on and learning how to let yourself be happy.

He’s handsome, sweet, and always a gentleman. May 02, Katy rated it liked it. Things were still awkward with my best friend.

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Maybe because I saw this handled in a more mature, less self-pitying way in the two other books, I couldn’t stand how Max, the heroine in this one, used her sister’s death which happened 9 years ago as an excuse for all her shitty behavior towards Cade. There are still plenty of sexytimes in this book. I really thought the way they met was pretty cute, and I had to smile at the flirting and taunting that they threw at each other.

May 18 I Did I read that right? That’s when Max notices the hot guy in the coffee shop.

I am thinking of you Milo and you Spencer! Even worse, all three characters, Bliss, Garrick and Cade, end up in Philadelphia for grad school, and Cade has carmadk witness Garrick and Bliss’ bliss firsthand.

Seriously, I liked him as a male lead so much more than Garrick. Cade is that perfect mix of big-hearted and kind, wholesome but not TOO wholesome and super duper swoony. We have a good boy and a seemingly bad girl. She is hiding her true self from them because she knows they won’t approve of her choices with her body or with her boyfriends. They all had their lives together, and my life was about as clean and well kept as the community bathrooms had been in my freshman dorm.


But, luckily fo 3 Stars I pushed through the crowd of people trying to flag down the bartenders and escaped through the front door.

Freee her tattoos and different get up, she’s rebellious in the eyes of her conservative family. Wasn’t bad, but its always the same freaking story. And I think you will be impressed by Carmack’s enhanced writing chops as well. And he was heartbroken in a way that made you want to be the one who made it all better. View all 95 comments.

Cora Carmack

I hated feeling this way. The song changed, and in the few seconds of silence, the world came back to me. There was no going back to the roots, to rree way things had been. As much as it irked me, I still really liked the guy. So there are some differences here between Losing It and Faking It. About this title Audio Format.

My body was my only instrument.