FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, 10 cleaning tapes, full instructions. FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, DTC/ Dual hopper; PVC cards “); auto or manual feed. HID GLOBAL, HID, the HID logo, FARGO, and iCLASS, are .. installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause.

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Card Lamination Module Cards from the Printer before making any repairs, unless otherwise specified. Selecting the Defined Area s with the K Panel Resin tab Step Procedure Select the Defined Area s option to print the resin black K panel for all black found only in an area or areas defined, as shown below. If the head cycles but does not stop at the position every time, check the Headlift Sensor as described in Sensor Testing on page Selecting The Lamination Type If the Film Lamination option is selected, the film lamination is applied to the printed card, then the card is ejected.

This is the fastest dargo to apply the film lamination, yet it provides the lowest film durability.


This option provides select fonts and bar codes resident inside the printer, allowing you to print manuap black text and bar codes directly from a mainframe system such as an AS Step Procedure Select the Rotate Back Degrees option to rotate the image on the back of the card by degrees when printed. Do not reverse the overlaminate roll.


This option is set according to the card size for which your Encoder is physically positioned inside the Printer. This option shifts colors more radically so the colors in the image will more closely match how they appear on screen.

Page 45 – Resolving the Printer not reading Encode Rotate the guide’s Securing Peg until it is parallel to the card guide, and push it down. Magnetic Stripe reaches the encoding head. Thermal Printhead configured for convenient field farfo. An error has occurred in the permanent circuit memory. Using the Image Color tab continued Step Procedure Return all options to their factory settings by clicking on the Default button.

FARGO Electronics DTC500 Series Troubleshooting Manual

See the next page. Step Procedure Select the Rotate Front Degrees option to rotate the image on the front of the card by degrees when printed. The following describes these options dgc515 the Printer’s magnetic encoding process. Extra Cleaning Tapes, 10 count for installation into card cleaning cartridge.

Ensure that the Printer has received data at the speed that it requires. Page – Defining the Area to activate the Card G Step Procedure Select Optimized for Graphics when printing lower quality images e. Broke Error Message on page Press SAVE to save your settings. If the Start Sentinel is too close to the leading edge of the card, increase or make positive the Magnetic TOF setting needs.


If the Motor turns, replace the Main Board as needed. Each Firmware type has a different update process.

Fargo DTC500 Specifications

FARGO recommends that only a qualified electronics technician perform this procedure. Enter the given value for the Printhead.

Using The Magnetic Track Selection Option After making the required selection, the Magnetic Track options box displays the current set of customization options for the selected manuall.

Card Flipper onto the card path or into he Encoder. Specifying the Copies Specifies the number of copies to be printed, as shown above.

Fargo DTC Thermal Printer Manual & User Guide – Fixya

When the card grid is first activated, a small black square will appear at its: Adjusting The Ribbon Tension Trailing edge. This is useful in situations that require cards to be readable with insert type readers.

Are you sure you want to continue? Locate the Sensor near the bottom of the Printer.