Florina PÎNZARU. National School of [email protected] Abstract Manual de marketing: principii clasice si practici actuale eficiente, Florina Pinzaru. National AG Andrei, A Zait, EM Vătămănescu, F Pînzaru Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru. Florina Pinzaru CV Hapenciuc, F Pînzaru, EM Vatamanescu, P Stanciu Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru.

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Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 8 8 iindex 5 5. The case of Romania more. The paper approaches the common identity and common bond theories in analyzing the group patterns of interaction, their causes, processes and outcomes from a managerial perspective. Verified email at facultateademanagement.

However, the success of several projects focused on emotional approach in recent years concentrated on the rediscovery of past and present stories of the Romanian capital, lead us to believe that the city brand mzrketing through stories has a real potential.

Articles Cited by Co-authors.

Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1 – [PDF Document]

Converging sustainable entrepreneurship and the contemporary marketing practices. Opinions sur les pratiques ethiques de la publicite roumaine more.

Business Administration Management Marketing Economics. MarketingBusiness EthicsAdvertisingand Media. Mangers versus Digital Natives Employees. But market competition had always had an intangible dimension due to the This paper highlights that even if some interest has been given to the new developments in marketing, the theoretical markeging are still weak but the efforts go towards including the relationship concept in the marketing paradigm.

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New practices in marketing to Generation Y. The emphasis was laid on European steel pipe SMEs, whose managers responded to a item questionnaire regarding their market strategies and experiences.


The fifth edition of the Strategica International Conference, organized by the Faculty of Management from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania SNSPA in partnership with the National Bank of Romania and in cooperation, sincewith the International Association of Knowledge Management, focuses in September on the dynamics of the contemporary economy influenced by technological development and digital revolution.

Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1

An Insight into Romanian Start-Ups more. Despite various theoretical paradigms proposed to identify the most floriina theoretical modeling frameworks, the city branding remains, at least in Romania, a fact unsupported in a structured and continuous way, often with disparate initiatives, conducted by various economic and social actors, but not organized into a coherent strategy with medium and long term projects.

Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 2 1, The paper presents manuwl modality of fixing the central parity and the experience of participating in ERM II for a number of member states that joined the Euro zone after At the theoretical level, we emphasize the relationships between CR and IC and we highlight the mediating role of the organizational values.

The growing importance of knowledge as an organizational resource is considered to be generated by the shift from the industrial economy to the knowledge based one. The focus is set on the relationships between management, finance and ethics.

But market competition had always had an intangible dimension due to the fact that every company tries manhal gain competitive advantages and to become the best in its field. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy maeketing 2, A Comparative Analysis within a Triad Framework: The distinction between the two approaches is based on a step-bystep touch of the specialized markets versus a straight forward venture into far-away markets with a view to obtain higher profits.


Some themes seem to be florinw important, especially those related with the challenges universities face. Even if applying relationship marketing could prove to be limited for some organizations, the contemporary trends ask for a reevaluation of marketing approaches towards a business philosophy based on networks of relationships.

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Over the past years, the issue of sustainable entrepreneurship has coagulated multiple research interests due to the fact that it integrates three main pillars, namely human resource management people and the concerns for planet Information Systems Management 34 3, Help Center Find new research papers in: As the findings show, the discussed marketing types often discretionary correlate in practice with the most important dimension of sustainability that is people.

Learning, especially in the context of higher education, means creating, storing, sharing and using knowledge in a complex way, both for personal and societal benefits. Location Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania. In order to complete this task, we will analyze the premises that generate multicultural environments in corporations, the general context of intercultural communication in this kind of organizations and the principle International Journal of Academic Research 5 4 Foreword Strategica more.

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