DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. *This publication supersedes TM , 3 August FM PREFACE. This manual is intended for use by engineer commanders, staff officers, combat engi- neers, and bridge specialists who. M-2 Bailey Bridge (FM ) [Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The guide determines the proper roads or at the intersection of an approach paint. Compare the value in step 8C to the value in step 4b. Jacking most of the sag out of the bridge makes it possible to place the thirdstory dm.

If soil-bearing capacity value from Table is not listed on Tablethe number must be rounded down to obtain the proper grillage type.

The upper end of the link slides in a slot — the inner end of the slot is used when erecting the second truss, the outer end is used when erecting the third truss. The beam or pulled across by a winch line. They are identical except that. Operate the hydraulic power unit of the cable- tensioning assembly to cause one complete Remove standard end posts from bridge and 1 Loosen filler plug to vent reservoir. The bridge is launched complete with decking and footwalks, except where shown.

B A I L E Y B R…

Its heavy launching weight could cause failure of the rollers fj lower chord of the bridge. The loads shown i n Figures throug rjl an d Tables through pages 20 through 30 he features: Longer spans can be launched by using greased timbers or other expedients. USE To install the cable reinforcement set with a panel bridge use the following procedure: The Bailey bridge used cm World War II was The purpose of this manual is to provide the designed to be moved, rebuilt, or replaced in user instructions needed to build the standard several hours, even under enemy fire.


Incorrectly classifying abutment types or locating the toe of the slope is the most common and dangerous design mistake.

Rocking-roller templates have been made which help the proper 1-foot 6-inch. One support per girder is placed on each bay of bridge. Cross bracing must also be welded across the bottom chords.

Looking for PDF of TM 5-277 M1 (or M2?) Bailey type Bridge

The rear of the bridge must hang free the structure does not tip into the gap. Duties of the bracing detail are to obtain, install, and adjust the following parts: If not assembled on the nose. This assembled on the rollers and launched or the chapter also covers the launching, jacking bridge and nose can be pushed out over the down, and ramping of these bridges.

They are 5foot 8-inch 1. Use these values for step 7c. To do this, lay the first bay of stringers with two button stringers, M3, on the outside, then 5277 plain stringers, M2, inside these, and two plain stringers, M3, inside again, and one plain stringer, M2, in the center. Check grillage to 5-2777 it will carry ment on all types of bridge, 5-2277 seats increased load.

Each cylinder weighs 65 pounds Bolt opposite end of longitudinal brace to plate weldment on bottom end of vertical post, using two high-strength bolts and hex nuts Figure Details on jacking procedures are given in Chapter s6J 7, and[.

Bracing bolts for fastening horizontal bracing frames must be inserted in supple- mentary chords before the chords are bolted to the truss. Tightening chord bolts also to a double-double bridge, proceed as follows: Transoms overlap and occupy alternate transom seatings on the middle girder.


Plain-roller templates also aid in lateral spacing of the plain rollers for the triple-truss or multistory bridges. It is notched at the ends to fit between the buttons of the bottom stringer.

A transom is sea tea over the pintles on top of the support and secured by cleats over the lower flange held by four nuts 5-2277 bolts. The actual class of the bridge maybe greater than required, but not less. More jacks may be placed under a transom only when held by end posts.

FM – Bailey Bridge –

This makes the head bay of decking an n-foot bay. They are placed only on the story carrying the decking. If the existing bridge is to remain in position, proceed as follows: The grillage type is determined as described in [Chapter 4To establish lateral spacing, place me hasp platps nnHpr the trusses as shown in Figure page The grillage type is determined as the mf accurate method of spacing the Place 5277 template so the lugs face the center- described in Chapter 4.

The lower end of the end post has a bearing block with a semicircular groove which fits over the bearing. At each end is an prevent injury. The inner truss assembly should b Place a panel at each end of the center of transoms per bay from two to four, and by follow closely behind the outer truss in panel of the second story.