Buy Warmachine Forces of Menoth (SC): Game Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. What’s Included? (1) Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth rulebook Specs: Publisher: Privateer Press Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover Faction: Protectorate of. The Protectorate of Menoth is one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms and one of the main factions in Warmachine. They are the obligatory.

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In the fluff he was recently promoted by the Harbinger into the Wrath of Ages, which is pretty much the same thing except Menoth is literally giving him a thumbs up for his work.

This is only partially true. This section is outdated as of the release of Warmachine Mk3. Menoth, also known as the Lawbringer or the Creator, is the original patron god of humanity.

In the game she’s primarily a defensive warcaster who focuses on aiding infantry by keeping them alive Harbinger takes damage, infantry dude stays alive for another attack. Hierarch Severius holds the direct allegiance of the army through the Temple and Scrutators.

Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Priests serve as military commanders at all levels of organization from commanding troops in the field to overseeing logistics and menot lines. Eventually it could be said he will only let Caspia fall when he can convert all of Cygnar in one fell swoopa civil war is brewing and their zealot mindset is preventing people from wanting to join, and the few that do only do so because of protection from Cryx. This stance is changing, however.

News Warmachine Rules Hordes Rules. In situations that present an unclear chain of command, ranking priests are obeyed before secular commanders. Thousands of years ago he created mankind as servants. Thanks to Menoth’s sort-of ban on magic, their warjacks are shit; they have the slow menotg and inaccuracy of Khadoran ‘jacks and the fragility of Cygnaran ‘jacks in one mediocre package.


Protectorate of Menoth – 1d4chan

The Protectorate is also seeking to establish closer ties with both Rhul and Ios. Filled with the divine power of their god, the forces of the Protectorate of Menoth march forth in the name of the Creator of Man to lay waste to their enemies with fire and faith.

He was in Reckoning, the book he was released in, where he said “Fuck you, Hierarch. That said their luck seems to be running out as they failed to forcew Caspia, their main goal since Day 1 Arguably because this would effectively kill off Cygnar as a faction so you will not ever see this happen ever fluff wise, it fotces also mean that letting Cygnar fall will empower the Devourer wurm too much so on the Cusp of Victory Menoth takes the leader.

They also have access to the most weapon master attacks of any faction.


The previous Hierarch, Garrick Voyle, is largely responsible for the structure of the Protectorate, as well as it’s military power. The Church didn’t really start to fall until the Orgoth invaded. Views Read Edit View history. He originally wanted to become a Paladin, but since he was too emotional he was found by an Exemplar instead and gorces in for training.

Military of the Protectorate of Menoth

This, combined with Thamar’s gift of arcane magic, allowed Immoren to drive out the Orgoth, resulting in the Menite church being a shadow of its former self. Feora, Protector and Priestess of the Flame is technically subordinate forrces Kreoss but retain considerable autonomy in the south. Malekus, similarly to Feora, is all about burninating the heretics to crisps. They also found oil, which they could refine into Menoth’s Fury think napalm or promethium to fuel fprces kinds of fire-based weapons, from spears to flamethrowers.


To help him he’s got a cookbook in one hand and a barbecue fork in the other, but he’s pretty cool nonetheless.

According to Cygnaran propaganda, life is shit in the Protectorate. In the game, both Severius’ incarnations sacrifice personal combat power and defense for some menooth the best spellists in the faction, powerful feats and a large focus pool. Where Menoth embodies and is strengthened by civilization, order, and servitude, the Devourer Wurm embodies the fotces and feeds on chaos and savagery.

The Military of the Protectorate of Menoth has risen rapidly since the establishment of the theocracy, growing from a small, hobbled self-defense force to a force capable of subduing the Idrian tribes to a real army capable of challenging both the Cygnaran and Khadoran militaries as an equal. In short, for a devout menite, the Protectorate is probably the best place to be. The former hold Protectorate territory, the latter are typically offensive forces or reinforcements to hard-pressed areas.

Needs Images Privateer Press Warmachine. Fitting of the leader of the Daughters of the Flame, she’s also an infantry meat grinder with excellent assassination potential should the opportunity arise.