Dans ce travail, on propose une formulation variationnelle du problème de contact en grandes transformations avec frottement de Coulomb. Il s’agit d’une. This work is a continuation of [1]. We give a space‐time variational formula to the problem of the scattered acoutic wave by a hard body, using the double layer. L’objet de cette th`ese est l’étude d’une méthode variationnelle en mécanique de la rupture, proposée par G.A. Francfort et J.-J. Marigo. Dans cette formulation.

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MR [14] J. MR [9] Jacques L. Hsiao and Wolfgang L. MR [2] P.

We give here a variational formulation in of the exterior Neumann problem for the Laplace operator using a double layer potential. MR [13] S.

Ondes harmoniques

The second, expanded and revised, edition of Variationnele finite element method in structural and continuum mechanics. In this paper we study a coupling of the Ultra-Weak Variational Formulation UWVFa volume based method using plane wave basis functions, and an integral representation of the unknown field to obtain an exact artificial boundary condition.


Optimal error estimates are given. MR [16] P. Article Abstract PDF The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. More precisely, we detail the study of the complexity of the new algorithm considering a 1-level or multilevel Fast Multipole Method.

WendlandA finite element method for some integral equations of the first kindJ. R-3, — French, with Loose English summary. MikhlinMathematical physics, an advanced courseWith appendices by V.

Services Articles citing this article CrossRef 1. Translated from the Russian.

A— French. References [Enhancements On Off] What’s this? MR [7] George C.

LynessApplications of extrapolation techniques to multidimensional quadrature of some integrand functions with a singularityJ. Current usage metrics About article metrics Return to article. This formulation is then formulahion to the construction of a finite element method.

Rouge 7no. Integral formulations enable one to avoid this difficulty by solving a problem on the surface of the obstacle, but imply dense systems with bad condition numbers. Data correspond fprmulation usage on the plateform after Previous variatiobnelle Next article.


MRhttps: M2AN 47 Many different methods have been developed for the solution of the time-harmonic Maxwell equations in exterior domains at high frequency. Volume based methods have the drawback of needing an artificial boundary far from the obstacle.

Formulation variationnelle de systèmes Schrödinger-Poisson en dimension $d\le 3$

Studies in Mathematics and its Applications, Vol. MR [10] J. Numerical solution of an exterior Neumann problem using a double layer potential. Padova 46— French.