Fossilized Customs 12th Edition [Lew White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 12th edition has a larger print size than any previous. Fossilized Customs 21th Edition (Illustrated) pages, by Lew White: A Messianic Israelite book explaining the Pagan origins of Christmas, Easter, Sun- day. I was recently given a book entitled Fossilized Customs: The Pagan Origins of Popular Customs (Seventh Edition) by a friend who asked my.

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As for punctuation, I offered it as a courtesy, not an insult. Should be an interesting ride whiite here on out. The concrete meaning of the Hebrew word TSELEM is “image”, however in the sense that the breath of Yahuah is instilling His character, that “image” formed is “abstract”, so it should be translated “essence”, a resemblance of His character. On pages anda common internet image of lfw “nephilim” from an “archeological dig” is shown.

The light drives away the darkness every time. If you did not buy the food offered in the market what was offered to idols, then you would have to go to the sacrificial ceremony where they had a feast to be able to partake in the things offered to idols, which would be taking part in idolatry.

Fossilized Customs 12th Edition

Scripture which is true tells us in Ephesians: It was during the Early Modern English period that most of the grammar rules put in place. The symbol of the fish is also a pagan item in itself, one culture that comes to mind is the Philistines, who worshipped the fish deity Dagon meaning “fish”. fossilizeed

When a belief is presented, prove it with facts! Lew flaunts an incessant barrage of claims with respect to Mithraism throughout his entire book.

Fossilized Customs | Torah Institute

The Christians justify their willful dis-obedience excuses by always referring to their god Paul. He knows he cannot use the same theory for Bereisheet 1: Manfred Clauss writes in his book, The Roman cult of Mithras on page”On the other hand, however, Mithras and Sol are two separate deities, as can amply be demonstrated.


Let us take a close look at some His teaching in Mattithyahu Matthew chapters 5 through 7, starting with 5: Even so, let cuwtoms light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Ben, in all fairness to Lew about the photograph of the so called Nephilim, which i do not agree with Lew about. Show Scripture to correct me, not the rulings of men’s councils, if at all possible. Now here is the kicker, Yeshua and most of the people of Palestine in those ehite spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew.

In defense of the alaph-bayt Hebrew alphabet ; lee is composed of letters with multiple dimensions: If being Twrhless was so simple Yahusha would not need to have suffered and died so horribly.

I really like the one about 8 people on Noah’s Ark being the symbolic justificationparticularly when the Messiah Himself said that anyone who breaks the least of his commands and teaches others to do likewise will be considered least in His Father’s kingdom. It seems that Mr. None were, fossilised even if it be the case that every ancient pagan religion was Trinitarian, Christians would still be bound by scripture to believe the doctrine whether they like it or not.

My sins and your sins put those stripes on His back from the Roman scourge; also call a cat of nine tails. My favorate is Galatians 1: Richard Gordon, senior fellow at the University of East Anglia, states in his work that the religion did not exist in a developed sense until the mid-second century and places the establishment of the mysteries approximately between AD.

The largest body of my research was done first from Scripture, beginning inand the library at U of L where I conducted research on the various alphabets, including the original Hebrew. White has set to flight the Holy Spirit, indicted the Son as a maniacal schizophrenic and crucified the Father.


Remythologized: The Many Historical Blunders of Lew White’s Fossilized Customs

This added to the complexity of the catastrophe. Holy Spirit, the third person in the trinity; 3.

Lew White July 7, at 9: Maybe Lew wont talk to you, but I would love too, so I have my name on this post and you can contact me anything. Apply what His Word lsw to your daily life and see if He does not give you more understanding.

So we can disregard the story he mentions as to the women who washes the saviors feet with her tears, then drys them with her hair? If White has another one he is free to offer it. The first reaction to Truth is to say it’s ridiculous; the 2nd whtie is to violently oppose it and the Inquisition is proof of that principle ; the 3rd stage is coming along now, as Truth is accepted as being self-evident.

For until the law, sin was in the world; but sin is not charged when there is no law. I’m happy to hear your ideas based on your preconceptions, which seem to be based on the same ideas held dear by very sincere men, who in many instances were sincerely wrong.

White, you are only an etymologist if you have a degree in etymology. Meaning that verses 3 and 4 independently talk of a decorated tree while verse 5 describes the idols. Every city had court that could sentence a criminal to be strangled, but only the Sanhedrim could sentence a criminal by stoning whitee death, and the decision of the court of the city could be appealed to the Sanhedrim.

There is no German deity named Gott. Truth is defined in any dictionary as undisputable fact!