Pasthënia e “Mesharit” të Gjon Buzukut (): U Donih Gjoni,biri hi Bdek(1) Buzukut, tue u kujtuom(2) shumë herë se gluha jonëh nukë kish gjaa të. There is much to discuss on the subject of the “Meshari” by Gjon Buzuku. Leaving history to the historians and language to the linguists, we will. General info: Page from Buzuku’s Meshari Size: KB Dimension: x pixels. Source: Page scanned by Dori from the book Historia e.

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Meshari Albanian for “Missal” is the oldest published book in Albanian. The book was written by Gjon Buzukua Catholic cleric in The book contains pages and is written in two columns.

Meshari is the translation of the main parts of the Catholic Liturgy into Albanian. It contains the liturgies of the main religious holidays of the year, comments from the book of prayers, excerpts from the Bible as well as excerpts from the ritual and catechism. It was written to help Christians pray daily religious services. The only original known copy of this book currently is in the Library of the Vatican.

The book has a rich vocabulary and its orthography and grammatical forms seem to be well established, which is indicative of an earlier tradition in the writing of the Albanian language.


The dialect buziku in Meshari was one of the main subjects of Selman Riza ‘s works. Inthe book was photocopied for the first time by Father Justin Rrotawho brought a copy to Albania. I, John, son of Benedict Buzuku, having often considered that our language had in it nothing intelligible from the Holy Scriptures, wished for the sake buzjku our people to attempt, as far as I was able, to enlighten the minds of those who understand, so that they may comprehend how great and powerful and forgiving our Lord is to those who love him with all their hearts.

I beg of you from today on to go to church more often bjon hear the word of God. If you do this, may our Lord have mercy upon you.

File:Buzuku meshari.jpg

Those who have suffered up to now shall suffer no longer. May you be the elect of our Lord. He will be with you at all times if you pursue righteousness and avoid iniquity.

By so doing, the Lord shall give you increase, for your harvest shall last until the vintage and the vintage shall last until the time of sowing. I, moreover, wish to finish my work if it please God. I began it in the year on the 12th day of August and finished it in the year on the 12th day of August.


Oh no, there’s been an error

If perchance mistakes have been made in any part, I pray and beg of those who are more learned than I to correct them. For I should not buzuk surprised if I have made mistakes, this being the very first work, great and difficult to render into our language.

Those who printed it had great difficulty and thus could not fail to make mistakes, for I was not able ubzuku be with them all the time. Running a church, I had to serve in two places.

And now I beg of you all to pray to the Lord on my behalf. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Was ich noch sagen wollte.

File:Buzuku – Wikimedia Commons

Retrieved 8 July National Library of Albania. Retrieved from ” https: Albanian literature Albanian language 16th century in Albania books Catholic liturgical books. CS1 Serbian-language sources sr.

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