Ropes and their depiction · Protective elements · Basics of ropemaking. Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and. Sitemap. Home · Company · About Gleistein · Gleistein Ropes · The complete.

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A rugged laid construction in hemp ore bronze colour.

Gleistein – Gleistein Ropes

Gleistein enjoys global success in markets spanning from recreational marine products to commercial-grade marine products. Hercules cordage was used for dragging nets for fishing. GeoSquare Polyamide Square plaited mooring line with excellent elongation properties and handle-ability.

This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. From Gleitsein, the free encyclopedia. Anchor warp with braided-in lead centre for optimum catenary.

Maintaining enduring relationships with our customers based on outstanding performance time and again is as important to us as the goal gldistein perfection for every single rope!

Constructions Mooring Achieving higher performance together. Our eventful history and vast wealth of experience form the foundation for innovation and far-sighted decisions: Equipped were freight- and riverboats, shipping companies and farmers.

GeoSquare Polyester Square plaited mooring line. No creep under constant loads, extreme strength, exemplary all-round characteristics, attractively priced. Views Read Edit View history. AT Twin transfers the torsional forces over extended lengths — yet remains flexible and capable of bearing high loads.

GeoOne Braid made of a polyester and polypropylene blend. In a square plait rope, eight strands are interwoven to form a roughly quadratic cross-section. Seven braided cores, firmly bundled in a protective cover provide extremely good performance characteristics. Our vision of the perfect line A good line will not only withstand heavy stresses and strains, it will hold for a very long time.


Arising new fibers such as Sisal and Manila opened new technical possibilities.

Founded inGleistein is the oldest family-owned industrial enterprise in the Hanseatic city of Bremen, so tradition plays an important role in the company, especially the tradition of always looking ahead! Harkon Extremely abrasion resistant and economic sheet, optimal for longlasting use on winches.

Standard High-quality matt-finish polyester sheet for the hands-on sailor. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Cup The classic, tried and tested for decades: High-strength fibres are also extremely versatile and form the basis of our broad range of products, right up to optically similar, gleitein technically far superior natural fibre substitutes.

A complete range of products from a single source

For extremely light shrouds and stays, as well as control lines. Please allow cookies in your browser settings! And Gleistein Ropes, with its stretching technology, can truly claim to be a worldwide leader in this area, so that the strength and stretch of braided ropes has been further optimised.

Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are high-strength fibres and provide rpes well-balanced all-round properties at moderate prices. Within further usage of our pages, you will accept that we use cookies. Tasmania Outstandingly balanced, long-lasting and flexible sheet with excellent priceperformance ratio. Geo Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are high-strength fibres and provide especially well-balanced all-round properties at moderate prices.


Basics of ropemaking

Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and distribution of high quality ropes. No creep under load, wire-rope-like elongation, perfect for static applications. Gleistein has an internationally outstanding market position with the solution of technical special problems regarding textile connections e. Glwistein production sites are certified in accordance with ISO Feather-light at fopes clew, handleable at the winch, excellent in stoppers.

It features a square cross-section. GeoTwist Hempex Looks like hemp, feels like hemp – but is in fact a modern and durable manmade fibre rope.

Pre-Spliced Halyard with snap-shackle. Comfortable handling with matt-finish surface. The subrope-product attained when threads yarns or twines are twisted together, before these are processed into a rope. In his hometown Vegesack part of Bremen todaythe Georg-Gleistein-Strasse wears the founder’s name.

GeoOne GeoProp Economic quality line for numerous applications. Ester Color Durable and solid line in attractive colours for easy identification. We call this commitment:. Because almost all molecular chains in the fibres are aligned in parallel, outstanding qualities result. Discover Take the rough with the smooth: At that time Bremen-Vegesackthe former company headquarters, was the port of registry of Europe’s biggest herring fleet. Gleistein is a prominent German cordage factory with head office in Bremen.

It is economical ropex, although it can open up under strain.