(Additional steps include testing parts that were painted in production and monitoring quality during an extended production run. See GMW). gmw CG 5. GMW CG · GMW GMW · GMW GMW · GMW GMW · GMW GMW · GMW GMW · GMW GMW Thermal Shoc. High Pressure Water Jet. Resistance to Cleaning Equipment. GMW GMW GMW (Method B). GMW

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Service specifications

GMW – Material Specification – Minimum performance requirements for decorative chromium plated plastic parts. Determination of resistance to humidity ageing Autoclaving. Resistance of organic coatings to colour change by fuel oil soot Media resistance, manually. Water repellent properties of automotive textiles Media resistance, manually.

Fabrics covered by this specification are made from fibrous textile materials that are knit or woven in structure. Thumbnail hardness test for painted parts Scratch, cut and surface tests with small appliance eg test rod, scalpel. For materials and parts in the vehicle interior fogging, emissions, carbonyls, amines.

Aging condition for bond strength and hydrolytic stability of laminated textiles materials option to cycle Q Autoclaving. Test Method for determining moisture content, water absorption and thickness swell of fibreboards, chipboards, cardboard etc. Test for organic gmd in sealers and adhesives Weighing, determination of mass and mass change residue on ignition, dry residuedensity. Automotive Environmental Cycles; Test cycle H: Gravimetric Method Fogging G Fogging test gravimetric.

Determination of resistance to stone impact of surface coatings, plastics and self adhesive films. Procedures of test for cellular and related materials – Part 2: Instrumented impact testing Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests Textiles – Determination of permeability of fabrics to air Paints and varnishes – Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation – Exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation Plastics – Differential scanning calorimetry DSC Leather – Test for colour fastness – Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing Textiles – Determination of fabric propensity 1477 surface fuzzing and to pilling – Part 2: Service specifications Here you find all test methods, standards and test specifications with which we are able to process your individual orders.


Scratch resistance of organic coatings and self-adhesive foils; Method B: Bent strip method Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources Textiles – Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics – Determination of abrasion resistance – Part 1: Automotive Environmental Cycles; Test cycle R: Automotive Environmental Cycles; Test cycle P: Resistance to battery acid Media resistance, manually.



Fundamentals of metrology several parts ; Gap measurement Gap measurement. Fogging characteristics of trim materials; Method A: Cure test Media resistance, manually. Automotive Environmental Cycles; Test cycle T: Send us an email.

This standard covers organic surface coatings on plastic parts and components used for automotive exterior and interior applications on motor vehicles, and also for painted components within the engine compartment. Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method Textiles – Tear properties of fabrics – Part 2: Continuous improvements in the products and components are the declared objectives of all car manufacturers and a justified desire of end consumers.


Determination of Resistance to Humidity ageing Heat storage constant temperature. Test method for determining colour fastness to rubbing of textiles and coated fabrics Abrasion tester APG. Determination of impact resistance of plastic components, Apparatus C SteelballCoding 1: Determination of the resistance to peeling of adhered body trim materials Universal testing machine, tensile, bending, tear tests.

Grey scale for assessing change in colour Textiles – Tests for colour fastness – Part A Test method for determining the resistance to odour propagation of trim materials Odor tests olfactometry.

For plastic components and parts used for interior applications on automobiles. Requirements, testing Air braking systems; coiled tubing Air braking systems – Thermoplastic tubing – Part 14977 Procedures of test for cellular and related materials – Part 8: Sunscreen lotion resistance of interior coatings Media resistance, gw.

Motor vehicles flammability of interior materials and 147997 testing methods Burning test. For carpet materials that are suitable for non-floor applications, such as rear seat back, lower door trim, toe bar covers, trunk lining, load floor areas, lower instrument panels, and consoles.

Test method for determining the low temperature resistance of automotive trim materials Drop tests eg. Determination of Tensile and Elongation Properties Universal testing machine, tensile, bending, tear tests.