Most commands should work on all PowerHA (HACMP prior to ) .. Compressing files under Linux or UNIX cheat sheet · Cloning rootvg. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA. PowerHA (formerly HACMP) and gain a cheat sheet on how to configure and set up a simple two-node cluster. Share: Christian Pruett is a senior UNIX systems.

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Cneat to remove all applicaion servers. X utility for hacmp management. How to show cluster state and substate depends on clinfo. The paths to the cluster commands are not included in the default path.

You could also use a map file to tell the command how to setup your LV: Guestbook Sign our guestbook Contact Get in touch with the authors Archive All unixwerk articles since How to list the info about the cluster nodes. How to list the runtime parameters for the node node1.

How to list all cluster networks. Now for the actual work. How to force shutdown cluster immediately without releasing resources. How to sync the cluster topology. How to list the VG of LV nodelv. How to list cluster topology information. How to add a cluster definition with name dcm and id 3. If for whatever reason snmp does not allow you to use clstat or cldump you can still ask the cluster manager about the state of your cluster: Christian Pruett Published uacmp June 15, How to list the local view of the cluster subsystems.


When a problem occurs with the availability of some of the physical resources, such as some wires being accidentally unplugged, PowerHA uacmp the errors and makes the other server take over.

How to show info about all network modules. How to show short resource group information. How to show all info about group. How to sync the cluster resources.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

How to create resource group sapRG with nodes n1,n2 in cascade. Ensure that the servers have adequate processing power to cover everything. Manoel Bezerra 5 April at In this example, you set up a simple two-node cluster across two Ethernet networks: How to list the resource groups.

If you decide that you will have multiple resource groups running in the cluster, assume a worst-case scenario where one node will have to run everything at once.

This defines an application server for an application that PowerHA will manage. How to show info about ether network module. How to list all cluster networks. To be sure you can run cllistlogs: How to find out the name of the local node.


How to list the details of network ether1.

AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands – UnixMantra

How to show short resource group information. How to delete the resource group appRG and related resources. Anonymous 16 Sheer at How to sync the cluster topology.

I prefer to use the Pre-defined option as opposed to the Discovered path, but that is up to your discretion. This defines one network per Ethernet adapter.

The PowerHA for AIX (formerly HACMP) cheat sheet

This address syeet be the same IP addresses you used in step 3. Similar to cldump, perl script to show cluster state. How to list the network for ip The more you test, the more reliable your cluster will be.

At this point, the cluster is ready to start. How to change the cluster security to enhanced. How to add a cluster definition with name dcm and id 3.