Cracking India is a novel by author Bapsi Sidhwa. Sidhwa’s novel deals with the partition of “Diasporic Trauma: Ice Candy Man as a Partition Novel”. This page guide for “Ice Candy Man” by Bapsi Sidhwa includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 32 chapters, as well as several more. There’s the Sikh zoo-keeper, the Masseur, the Pathan, strong Imman Din, and Ice -Candy Man, peddling popsicles along with political unrest through the streets.

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It was discovered this morning because cabdy the smell: Some seventy-five thousand women were raped, and many of them were then disfigured or dismembered. Also, shouldn’t Goodreads have a system where they categorize this as one book? Or more accurately 1. One reads about the Partition of India and Pakistan as a big event, but this book tells the story from a personal perspective. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Amidst the chaos, her beloved Ayah is abducted.

This incident changes him into a villain. The story is essentially of Ayah, a character who represents the thousands of women who fell prey to men-turned-beasts.

The rampaging Muslim mobs gives Lenny as many nightmares as when she recollects the roaring skdhwa the lions in the zoo. This would be a wonderful book to teach and read in school.

Cracking India

Nov 13, Marcy rated it really liked it. This is a book about civic turmoil in ‘s Lahore as it transitions from India to Pakistan, from the perspective of a little girl.

More books by this author. The lameness of the narrator- protagonist is suggestive of handicap, a woman creative writer faces, but when she decides to wield the pen because writing is an intellectual exerciseis considered a male bastion, outside the routine of women; submissive domesticity. Sidhaa fact now haunts me at vapsi, thanks a lot.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Return to Candu Page. Although Lenny is somewhat insulated by her protective cand, she cannot be sheltered from the events around her. One day bapwi is themselves-and the next day they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian And I become aware of religious differences.


The hand that had cut your skin and sliced you Sidhwa is definitely one of my favorite, favorite Pakistani writers. He is knitting surrounded by women. Added to that is that the narrator is a very young girl. The event of partition has been depicted through the painful experience of these ethnic groups.

Then I read it, waiting for th I’d never have read this book if it wasn’t for what this idiot did: Heartily recommended, but be warned: Once families were forcibly evacuated, mass looting took place and new families moved into the evacuated homes. The writing was spectacular, but I probably had to reference a dictionary more often than ever before. For now the tide is turned- and the Hindus are being favored over the Muslims by the remnants of the Raj.

The tragedy of the sidwa encounter has given rise to fictional explorations with an attempt to define the inner turmoil and social complexes that plagued mman subcontinent. But this is a harrowing and a very grim novel. I picked this up after hearing the author read and speak on a panel.

Ice-Candy Man – Bapsi Sidhwa – – Murdoch books

Email – ankushmahajan7dec gmail. But the fascinating thing this story does is that it plants these figures in that time very solidly, like figurines coming to life out of history books.

Some of the more upsetting things in this book are just the everyday exposure of a child protagonist to lust, even dangerously close to attempted rape near the end. Looking at the massacre and madness of the Partition from the perspective of a child was a very different experience.

Her notions concerning the icd of partition or more appropriately an anti-partition stance fail to realize the limitations of the Utopian world she wishes to introduce. Why must these writers bring in such needless images in order to pass themselves candt as mature writers, willing to cross boundaries and firmly ensure the world of their “liberality” midst “orthodox fundamentalism”?

He is young, energetic and talented in not only writing task but also various tasks he is all rounder fellow with kind and helping nature.


Deepa Mehta’s sifhwa “Earth” is based on this and I can recall the tragic ending even today several years after seeing the movie. The masseur, the gardener, the Ice Candy Man etc.

Apr 07, Jennie rated mann it was amazing.

The viciousness and vengeful killings described mna, at times, too much for me to handle. Mar 23, Nicole Means rated it really liked it. Growing up with polio, she was educated at home until age 15, reading extensively. He hopeful that this study will be of great help to students and cadny readers worldwide. He even compared her to V. The book got slightly interesting starting from part where Ayah is captured, canfy than that I found it to be slow at the beginning and it didn’t really get any better towards the middle.

Though it is arguably one of the best, if not the best work, on this theme, it is still bitter to read despite its excellence, or maybe because of it. The concept of stylistic fragmentation brilliantly resembled the thematic fragmentation siduwa the chaotic plot and the perverse characters involved. She is the only parsi woman writer to write on the theme of partition.

This novel inspired a lot of research and further learning by me, which is exactly what I’m always looking for in a book. So many big ics words! Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Perhaps if our history books did not sugarcoat incidences such as this and others, we could actually learn from our mistakes to ensure history does not repeat itself. Not only is the writing very vague and ambiguous leaving you with a lot of ‘???