Dark Matter (#SyFy) And Why It Must Continue

This is a little bit of a diversion from my usual political posts, but sometimes we all need a diversion. Those diversions could be anything, really. Games, sports, fishing, television, whatever. Everyone’s got a diversion from the reality that surrounds us every single day. The harsh reality, I should say.

When I was a kid, I remember learning about the solar system and how freaked out I was about Jupiter and its impossible, enormous size. I remember thinking sometime, I wanted to be an astronaut and see it for myself. Even though, if the opportunity actually came, I’d probably be too scared (it’s really, really big and imposing and something about it just doesn’t sit right with me and it never has).

Now, of course, I obviously didn’t become an astronaut. My life took me down a wildly different path. But that’s not to say I don’t still have that dream, one that likely will never be fulfilled. I’m sure many of us can say the same thing about all sorts of dreams.

But you know what kind of helps fill that void of unfulfilled wishes and dreams? Fiction. And I’m not just talking straight-up, reality fueled fiction that borders on grim-dark edginess. Not that this is entirely bad, and I applaud The Expanse for what it is. It’s a good show and I enjoy it.

Dark Matter though, it’s different. It’s like, if you took a nineties scifi show and upgraded it with today’s standards of technology and just threw out some of the real rigid established rules of the space opera genre, and bam—You got DM.

Shows from the nineties were a lot different than shows you see today. Sometimes in really cool ways, sometimes in not-so-cool ways.

One show that I remember being really ridiculous, but also a neat piece of science fiction, was Lexx. That show ran for four seasons and even though I barely remember much about it now, I remember what it was like. And how there’s nothing like it anymore. Shows these days want to take themselves real seriously, at all times, with very little room for imagination and fun.

This is where we come back to Dark Matter, and why I think it needs to continue, and why it would be a mistake to not renew it for a fourth season. I don’t know if it’s not going to have one, or if maybe they’re already getting ready to renew. But I wanted to express this because Dark Matter embodies everything I used to love about scifi television.

You had the first season where these people wake up lost in space, no memories of who they are, where they are, and that was awesome. Nobody does “lost in space” anymore, so that was really refreshing to see. And then the second season ramped things up about twenty notches and that cliffhanger! I struggled for a whole year over that and for a second I didn’t even think I was going to get a conclusion.

Then we head into this third season and it’s a lot like the second season, but it’s even more wild. Not all of the ideas happening are totally original, but what’s original, anyway? What really intrigues me (spoilers) are the glimpses into the future, though. Black ships, names nobody can identify, no stars, a cold and dead universe. This girl looking like she’s 150 years old or something.

And the android? She just keeps getting better and better. I mean, she’s my favorite character, anyway. Plus, I really need to see more of this.

Please don’t kill Dark Matter, SyFy. Don’t put another nail in the coffin of wild, imaginative scifi. I need this, and I think a lot of other people do, too. We already have a bunch of canceled scifi shows that should have kept going. Don’t make DM another one. This show has to keep going. And yeah, I know, The Expanse is probably a really big focus over there, but while The Expanse is a hecka good show on its own, for what it is, it’s not Dark Matter.

And really, that’s not a bad thing.





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