How Do I Put My Music On Spotify, iTunes, Etc. If I’m Not Signed To A Label?

If you’re like me, and you’re making music and wondering how you do these things that you probably assumed weren’t as difficult to do before you jumped into the scene, I have the answer for you! Now, firstly, there are a few different services out there, and some of them will take more money from you than you’ll probably ever make at least in your first couple years.

So, I’m going to save you some cash: Use DistroKid.

But don’t just go Googling it, use my referral link to save yourself 7% off your first year (which, if I recall correctly, is an annual payment of like, twenty dollars or so), here.

What’s so great about Distrokid? Well, firstly, the annual payment is convenient and small, at least for the lowest tier of membership. Higher tiers offer more services (like quicker reports), but if you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been around for a while, I would absolutely just go for the lowest tier.

Reports take about 2-3 months and unless you’ve got major networking and advertising skills, and tons and tons of fans, slower reports aren’t really an issue.

Remember, this is mostly just about getting your work out there on platforms you might not have had access to before (especially Spotify), or at least, easy access that you don’t have to screw around with for days or weeks. Now you can just concentrate on the music, because as soon as you’ve got an album ready to go, all you have to do is upload, check off some boxes and hit confirm.

Boom, done.

And it’s really that simple! There’s not much more to it. After you’ve got your work up you can just visit every so often and check your “bank,” see how your streaming is doing on Spotify, setup team members, and if you’re raking in money, upgrade.

No, I personally would not recommend upgrading until you’re at least covering the yearly cost through album sales and streams (and that could take a while depending on, again, networking, advertising and listeners).

If this information helped you, again, absolutely use my referral link for a discount (and also because I’ll earn like five dollars and every five dollars I get is another cup of coffee I can pour down my throat!)

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