Death Incarnate & Releasing Music At Breakneck Speed

As some may know, I’m completely out of my freakin’ mind. Okay, maybe I’m being harsh on myself. In reality, I produce music maybe…way too fast? I don’t know. But I wanted to write up this post to talk about this entire year so far, and what’s going on this coming Halloween.

I started Eyeshadow 2600 FM, literally, in January of 2017. I fired up a synthwave band name generator and I was like, “heh, I wonder what mine would be called? Like I even know how to make music…” And rolled Eyeshadow 2600 FM. And it stuck. I actually really liked it, especially with it calling back to the Atari 2600 and sounding like the name of a radio station simultaneously.

And then I found out, to my surprise, that FL Studio can be used to make music, as you could with any type of physical synthesizer. I’d originally thought it was this thing that made loops and I wasn’t even sure what those were for. But I’m better educated on the subject now.

At least, eight months later.

It began with Interstellar Terror. Basically just me experimenting with VSTs, learning how to do electro, atmospheric stuff and ending on a note of heightened education about music in general.

But then it continued…

Again. And Again. And Again. And before I knew it, I couldn’t stop. It was Interstellar Terror, then it was Gender Terrorism on Deadwood Boulevard, then Bloodsuckers Strike at Midnight and then Assigned Vampire at Birth (an album where I wanted to have lots of grindy guitars).

That’s all well and good, and at this point, around the end of Assigned Vamp, I was feeling kinda, you know, like, “Hey, maybe I should take a little break?”

Of course, though, I didn’t.

I immediately jumped right into TruBlood, which I personally think was a major turning point in my musical edge and what I’d learned since January. And when it was done, I did take a little break. Until one night I decided to mess around with an opener for another album, and ended up with Dead Reckoning (which a few have said is my best album so far).

Then Interstellar Sanguinaire, a full-circle from January, ending in July.

But that’s not all!

I said to myself, “I’m going to take a break from making music until 2018, because I have really, really outdone myself and I have to stop for a little bit or I will probably die!”

I’m only being half-sarcastic there. I’m exhausted.

So a break was decided on, but not until I did just one more album. Because who can resist the temptation to release something on freakin’ Halloween? Or just the temptation of creating more and more? Am I the only one who’s like that? I dunno, but I do have a lot of anxiety for the future, like, “What if I never get the chance to do this, or this? Why not just do absolutely all of it, right now?”

Enter, Death Incarnate. Album number eight. My final album of 2017. I may release an EP in December but I honestly think that everything, everything else should wait until the new year.

Death Incarnate, I feel like in my process of producing it (which is nearly finished), I’m using all this stuff I’ve learned since January and putting most of it to use? Definitely not all of it, because there are some things I like to do in the music I make, and other things that I don’t.

There’s more to it though than just FL Studio and my inability to stop for three seconds.

You see, my music has a story behind it. I don’t know how apparent that is, or if it really even matters to many people. But it’s apparent to me, and I know the gritty details of this imagined world that all my tracks are basically a soundtrack for. You take this criminal vampire chick who has gone on this fictional rampage across the United States to these pounding electro beats and somewhat retro sounding tunes and then she shoots herself into space.

And she wakes up.


Or maybe not.

But all these albums are like, this chronicle, as mind-boggling as some of it may sound if you can find the story behind it while you’re listening. And at the end of Death Incarnate, I feel like it’s some closure? I feel like, you know, we went all this way, we went this far and we didn’t stop not even once. Not for more than a week. And now on the last hit of a snare and the echo of high pitched synthesizers, it’s over.

For now.

That’s Death Incarnate, which you can preorder here.

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