Syfy Cancels #DarkMatter, Even Though I Told Them Not To!

I know, I know, some big corporation isn’t going to listen to me anyway and no, I didn’t really expect them to, either. But you might have seen my post about why we need Dark Matter, here, and why Syfy absolutely should not cancel it. And yet, they did anyway, because, and from multiple sources, I’ve learned Dark Matter was an acquisition and Syfy was concerned about funding.

And yeah, I know. There’s lots to worry about nowadays, from white supremacist attacks and murders, fascism, bad presidents, oppression and all that, but this is part of why we need fiction as a way to escape, or to step away from all that. I mentioned this in my previous post about Dark Matter, but it still stands. Fiction (and music) is important to me, and also, in my own regard, especially science fiction. Space operas are already rare in an age of grimdark modern shows and fantasy.

So what can we do?

Firstly, you can go on over to Netflix and fill this out to request the show. This is basically for requesting them to add it to their queue, and although Dark Matter season one and two are already there, they’re probably aware that Syfy canceled it and bringing Dark Matter to their attention can’t hurt.

Secondly, show your support for the show on Twitter! Use hashtags like #DarkMatter, #SaveDarkMatter and then head over and follow the cast and producers and boost what they’re sharing!

Thirdly, sign this petition in order to ask that Syfy reconsider their decision to send Dark Matter down the path of shows like Firefly. We don’t need more Firefly scenarios where storylines end up dead-in-the-water for the rest of eternity where nobody gets to find out what happens next, or, how it ends.

Like I said before, no, Dark Matter isn’t The Expanse, but it doesn’t need to be. We don’t need infinite copies of Expanse, we need more shows like Dark Matter and we need them to not be canceled, like a point blank shot to the face right in the middle of an awesome-as-heck storyline.

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