I Want to Make the Spiritual Successor to Vampire the Masquerade

Now, I have zero experience in coding, and I’ve never made a game before. But I strongly believe that if you can really put your mind to something that you want to accomplish, it can be done (although, sometimes our life circumstances put some serious limitations on what we can do).

I don’t have concept art, I don’t have art, period. But I do have a theme song:

Of course, the opening fragment that samples Dark Souls 2 wouldn’t be there, but still. This is what I imagine the game sounding like when you open it up for the first time and you’re looking through the menus.

Pretty cool, right?

But you know what? None of this will matter, or even be possible if Net Neutrality dies. If NN dies, independent creators will basically be “out of a job.” We’ll lose access to nearly everything: Social media, crowdfunding, jobs, learning resources, and so on and so forth. Hell, we could even lose access to platforms like Steam, for example, if Valve decides to sell-out to Verizon and Comcast (even if Steam has one of the most toxic communities in the history of gaming, that’s really beside the point).

And no matter how much an ultra-rich dev studio tells you that they’re your friend and they’re on your side, that is a lie. They are not. Valve, Activision-Blizzard, EA (most definitely) will sell you out for an extra dollar the first chance they get.

Everybody should be worried about this. Yes, even the anime obsessed shitposters that have nothing of value to add to the gaming community and only contribute to harassment and abuse (although I can’t say I’d miss you if NN forced you off the internet).

Here’s a little information about what they plan to do from November (Note: This is slated to happen this month, in December).

If you value Independent work, indie games, new and innovative ideas in all fields, you must oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality. Games that aren’t pay-to-win, games that give you new experiences the big studios are too terrified to do, or games that have needed successors for decades that, again, nobody has done because they’re too scared—All of this will disappear.

And as for a Vampire the Masquerade spiritual successor that White Wolf will likely never do? Well, you can probably put that on your list of things the death of Net Neutrality will stop from happening.

Help save Net Neutrality, because we only have until the 14th of this month and if this passes, everything you know will come to an end.

Updated: Here’s my written concept for the game itself

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