Patreon, Sticking It To The Poor People

So today I received an email from Patreon (an automated one) about an update announcing that creators will now be “taking home” 95% of patron cash. Now, that sounds good on the surface, but what they’re doing in order to make this possible is kind of not great. Instead of cutting their own percentage of what they take from you, they’re making your patrons pay a fraction more.

Look, I’m all for making the full cut of what people have pledged to me on Patreon, but I am not a corporation and I have no interest in screwing people over. Cause most of the time, I’m just as broke as they are.

Does this mean you should up and abandon those creators you’re supporting on Patreon? I don’t think so, at least not immediately (unless Patreon is really screwing you here). I think what you should do first, though, is talk to the creators you support and ask them if they have alternative avenues in which they can support you.

And that’s mostly why I’m making this post.

Right now I have 15-16 Patrons over on Patreon, and while it’s been a great way to give people all of my work, I don’t want people to be screwed by them.

So here’s a list of other ways you can show your support for what I do:

  • My Paypal, which doesn’t take any cuts (depending on what option you choose) and if you’d like my email address (for Paypal), please let me know privately.
  • My Bandcamp, which not only sends the money directly to my PP once a purchase is made, it also has a subscription option (which I can lower or raise if needed, currently at 5$)
  • My Ko-fi, which is actually brand new, as of making this post

If other avenues are shown to me I will gladly check them out, by the way. But this is what I have at the moment, and if you’re risking losing money through your patronage, via the creators that you support, please speak to them, because I’m sure they have something setup like this.

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