I Want to Make the Spiritual Successor to Vampire the Masquerade

Now, I have zero experience in coding, and I’ve never made a game before. But I strongly believe that if you can really put your mind to something that you want to accomplish, it can be done (although, sometimes our life circumstances put some serious limitations on what we can do).

I don’t have concept art, I don’t have art, period. But I do have a theme song:

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Second Life? That Still Exists?


Whenever I talk about Second Life outside of Second Life, I always see these people reacting kinda surprised, as if they had no idea. No idea that this virtual world was even still a thing. But I suppose that’s a reaction that you’d probably expect, since Linden Labs doesn’t exactly go all-out advertising the existence of this place anymore. But, it is, by-and-large, still a very much functioning place to be. And although the population numbers have dropped over the years, there’s still plenty to see and do (if you use the Firestorm viewer, you can see that the concurrent logged-in amount of users is actually almost always higher than that of even EVE Online).

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