Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘home’?

The home timeline is where you see updates from everyone you’re following.

What is the local timeline?

This is a timeline restricted to only the BSSN instance. So, basically, it takes updates from everyone registered and puts them there. You don’t even need to be following everyone to see this (will be quiet until BSSN has a larger userbase).

What is the “federated timeline?”

The “federated timeline” button brings up a timeline of updates consisting of random updates from all of the different GNU Social and Mastodon instances that BSSN is federated with.

Warning: You may see things under this timeline that you don’t want to. In that case though, you can contact me and I can take care of the issue or the block function will work in this case as well.

Why isn’t there a report feature?

This feature is in-development and on-the-way, along with a CW feature and a functioning profile pin feature.

How do I use the sensitive content filter to hide my #NSFW posts?

At the top left corner, click the gear icon to the right of your profile photo, then click settings.

On the left sidebar find “Sensitive Content” and click that.

Then simply checkmark “Hide attachments in posts hashtagged #NSFW”, click save and close that tab.

Done! Now any posts you attach photos to and tag with #NSFW will (should) be hidden by default.

Note: This will only work on posts with attachments, as it is meant to hide nudity in photos or other sensitive things. If you have any issues with using it please let me know.

How do I turn on 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)?

At the top left corner, click the gear icon to the right of your profile photo, then click settings.

On the left sidebar find “2FA” and click that.

There are a list of options here, but the easiest option is “Time-base One-time Password.”

Click “Show QR Code” and scan it with your Google Authenticator app.

After that, you’re basically done and can select “Require secondary authentication upon login” (otherwise authenticating will make no difference if you have this turned off) and the next time you login it’ll ask you for the code on your Google Auth application.

Upon successful authentication you will be notified that authentication was successful and may proceed to your profile (it will not do this automatically).

How to use XMPP

In order to use the web interface for the XMPP federation-wide chat client, simply click the box at the bottom right of your screen on Bloodsuckers Social Network (BSSN) and it’ll bring up a box for your login information.

What’s my login info?

Take your username, plus the name of the instance and type that into the first box. So for example would be my username. And then for the password field, use whatever your password is for the BSSN.

And that’s it!

How do I add contacts?

In order to add contacts, you’ll need to send out requests, just like in old-school style chat clients like AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ (or Pidgin). Click “Add a Contact” and enter the username plus the instance they’re on in the same format that you entered your name in order to login. Once finished, click “Add” and that person will be sent a notification, as long as their instance supports the XMPP chat client (otherwise the notification will go nowhere).

How do I login to this via Pidgin?

Easy peasy!

On Pidgin, got to your account management window, then add an account, and in the protocol dropdown, choose XMPP.

Username: This does not require the same format that you used in order to login on the web interface. For Pidgin, simply type in your username. So, for example, I would type: mskavanagh


Password: Your BSSN password

And that’s it, you should login immediately!

If you have any trouble with this and/or need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How to use the BSSN on Twidere

First of all, what’s Twidere?

Twidere is a mobile app that allows you to manage many accounts across different social networks, up to and including both Mastodon and GNU Social. All you’ll need to do is add it, and then login.

But how?

I apologize in advance because this is going to be slightly technical until a better method is developed.

When you launch Twidere for the first time, this is what you’ll see (mine is dark because I’m using the dark theme rather than the light theme):

But instead of entering sign-in information, we’re going to have to tell Twidere where you’re going, or you won’t end up on the BSSN.

So look up and click this button here:

Which will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

And now it gets easier!

Firstly, type in the correct address, which would be

Then, for the auth type, we’re just going to use Basic for now (far right).

And before you click save, be absolutely sure that “No version suffix” is checkmarked.

After you’ve completed those steps you’re finished and will be able to login as usual to the BSSN via the Twidere app!

If you have any issues with this please let me know.

JeanetteBot FAQ

This is the FAQ on the BSSN’s own @JeanetteBot (Jeanette Voerman), who you can visit and chat with, here.

You can use the following commands in @ conversations with her:

  • Forget me please – This will cause the bot to delete all data and conversation between the two of you
  • Bye – This will reset your conversation with JeanetteBot
  • RPG Demo – This will initiate a small and simple text RPG game