How to use the BSSN on Twidere

First of all, what’s Twidere?

Twidere is a mobile app that allows you to manage many accounts across different social networks, up to and including both Mastodon and GNU Social. All you’ll need to do is add it, and then login.

But how?

I apologize in advance because this is going to be slightly technical until a better method is developed.

When you launch Twidere for the first time, this is what you’ll see (mine is dark because I’m using the dark theme rather than the light theme):

But instead of entering sign-in information, we’re going to have to tell Twidere where you’re going, or you won’t end up on the BSSN.

So look up and click this button here:

Which will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

And now it gets easier!

Firstly, type in the correct address, which would be

Then, for the auth type, we’re just going to use Basic for now (far right).

And before you click save, be absolutely sure that “No version suffix” is checkmarked.

After you’ve completed those steps you’re finished and will be able to login as usual to the BSSN via the Twidere app!

If you have any issues with this please let me know.