How to use XMPP

In order to use the web interface for the XMPP federation-wide chat client, simply click the box at the bottom right of your screen on Bloodsuckers Social Network (BSSN) and it’ll bring up a box for your login information.

What’s my login info?

Take your username, plus the name of the instance and type that into the first box. So for example would be my username. And then for the password field, use whatever your password is for the BSSN.

And that’s it!

How do I add contacts?

In order to add contacts, you’ll need to send out requests, just like in old-school style chat clients like AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ (or Pidgin). Click “Add a Contact” and enter the username plus the instance they’re on in the same format that you entered your name in order to login. Once finished, click “Add” and that person will be sent a notification, as long as their instance supports the XMPP chat client (otherwise the notification will go nowhere).

How do I login to this via Pidgin?

Easy peasy!

On Pidgin, got to your account management window, then add an account, and in the protocol dropdown, choose XMPP.

Username: This does not require the same format that you used in order to login on the web interface. For Pidgin, simply type in your username. So, for example, I would type: mskavanagh


Password: Your BSSN password

And that’s it, you should login immediately!

If you have any trouble with this and/or need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me.