Críticas epistemológicas y metodológicas a la investigacion en las ciencias sociales. Uploaded by Investigación cualitativa – Carlos A. Sandoval Casilimas . Garcia Canalle, João Batista; Villas da Rocha, Jaime Fernando; Wuensche de Souza, Carlos Alexandre; Pereira Ortiz, Roberto; Aguilera, Nuricel Villalonga;. The ceroplastics of Ignacio Lacaba in the Colegio de Cirugía de San Carlos, Madrid]. La presente investigación utilizó una metodología cuantitativa para lo cual diseñó un .. B.; Carrillo-Castillo, C.; García-Sandoval, P.; Gurrola- Menchaca, L. L.; García Casilimas, Guihovany Alberto; Martin, Daniel Augusto; Martínez.

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Nobody doubts that he always received considerable voter support in the numerous elections held during his mandate. However, the integrity of the electoral system has come into question since the Presidential Recall Referendum. From then on, different sectors of society have systematically alleged electoral irregularities or biases in favor of the incumbent party. We have carried out a thorough forensic analysis of the national-level Venezuelan electoral processes held during the period to assess these complaints.

The second-digit Benford’s law and carpos statistical models of vote distributions, recently introduced in the literature, are reviewed and used in our case study. In addition, we discuss a investigaci method to detect irregular variations caelos the electoral roll. The outputs obtained from these election forensic tools are examined taking into account cualitaitva substantive context of the elections and referenda under study. Thus, we reach two main conclusions. Firstly, all the tools uncover anomalous statistical patterns, which are consistent with election fraud from onwards.

Although our results are not a concluding proof of fraud, they signal the Recall Referendum as a turning point in the integrity of the Venezuelan elections. Secondly, our analysis calls into question the reliability of the electoral register since We have carried out a thorough forensic analysis of the national-level Venezuelan electoral processes held during the — period to assess these complaints.

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Torn between two colonial powers, Macau has long existed as a peripheral region in Lusophone studies. With a focus on a contemporary Macau that seeks to resolve its fundamental duality through investigation of gender,…. From humble beginnings in Yuma, Arizona The groups are composed of people infected with HIV, their friends, relatives, lovers, and anyone who feels that his or her everyday life has been affected by the epidemic.

They hope that through solidarity they can respond to the difficult situation facing people who are HIV positive in Brazil. Grupo pela VIDDA seeks to raise the consciousness of the government and the society and force them to take responsibility for the epidemic. Their fundamental objective is to fight for PWAs to have a full range of civil rights.

Through their network they provide accurate and current information, counseling, legal assistance, and sponsor support groups. The vinyl ether benzyloxycarbonyl VeZ protecting group is selectively cleaved by treatment with tetrazines via an inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder reaction.

This study examines the effectiveness of Post-Entry English Language Assessment PELA as a predictor of international business students’ English writing performance and academic performance. An intervention involving the implementation of contextualised English writing workshops was embedded in a specific business subject targeted at students who….

Characterization and functional assay of a fatty acyl-CoA reductase gene in the scale insect, Ericerus pela Chavannes Hemiptera: Ericerus pela Chavannes Hemiptera: Coccoidae is an economically important scale insect because the second instar males secrete a harvestable invdstigacin substance. We predicted a aa protein with the FAR family features from the deduced amino acid sequence. The EpFAR protein was localized by immunofluorescence only in the wax glands and testis. S CoA and to its corresponding alcohol.

The data illuminate the molecular mechanism for fatty alcohol biosynthesis imvestigacin a beneficial insect, E. Preparation of uniform-sized PELA microspheres with high encapsulation efficiency of antigen by premix membrane emulsification.


Relatively uniform-sized poly lactide-co-ethylene glycol PELA microspheres with high encapsulation efficiency were prepared rapidly by a novel method combining emulsion-solvent extraction and premix membrane emulsification. Briefly, preparation of coarse double emulsions was followed by additional premix membrane emulsification, and antigen-loaded microspheres were obtained by further solidification.

Under the optimum condition, the particle size was about 1 mum and the coefficient of variation CV value was Confocal laser scanning microscope and flow cytometer analysis showed that the inner droplets were small and evenly dispersed and the antigen was loaded uniformly in each microsphere when sonication technique crlos occupied to prepare primary emulsion.

Distribution pattern of PEG segment played important role on the properties of microspheres. Compared with triblock copolymer PLA-PEG-PLA, the diblock copolymer PLA-mPEG yielded a more stable interfacial layer at the interface of oil and water phase, and thus was more suitable to stabilize primary emulsion and protect coalescence of inner droplets and external water phase, resulting in high encapsulation efficiency On the other hand, solidification rate determined the time for coalescence during microspheres fabrication, and thus affected encapsulation efficiency.

Taken together, improving the polymer properties and solidification rate are considered as two effective strategies to yield high encapsulation. Invesgigacin of the bone injury remains a challenge in clinical practices. Recent progress in tissue engineering and therapeutic gene delivery systems have led to promising new strategies for successful acceleration of bone repair process.

In this study, chitosan was conjugated with arginine to generate arginine-chitosan polymer Arg-CS for gene sanndoval. After 21d, the secretion of BMP-2 protein still maintain a higher level. The results indicated that the Arg-CS is a suitable gene vector which can promote the gene transfection. And the novel PELA microspheres-nanoparticle controlled-release system vualitativa potential clinical application in the future after further research. El Midwest Canto Al Pueblo: El Midwest Canto Al Pueblo was a successful effort to bring artists, poets, musicians, and cultural workers together in a setting conducive to a free and easy interchange of ideas and directions in order to reaffirm, share, and celebrate the identity of La Raza with el pueblo.

The activities during the day festival included poetry readings,….

Ganhamos, pela primeira vezuma medalha de ouro naquele evento. From to open mitral commissurotomy OMC was indicated in patients. In 22 cases a valvular prosthesis was inserted. In the patients subjected to OMC there was one hospital and one late death. Four late systemic emboli SE in three patients. IT found as often in atrium as in left auricular appendage. Other indications for OMC are reviewed. The excellent post-op results with scarce sanfoval complications re-enforce the convenience of retaining the human mitral valve and avoiding valve replacement when repair is possible.

Nossas imagens mostram a fonte IRS 1 resolvida cuslitativa 4 objetos pela primeira vez em 10 mm. Carnivorous diving beetles of the genus Desmopachria Coleoptera: New species, new records, and a checklist.

Abstract Eight new species of DesmopachriaBabington, are described and illustrated from Brazil: From species of the Desmopachria reported in Sandovaal, D. A checklist of all Desmopachria recorded from Brazil is presented with notes about some of the localities. At the heart of the Christian experience lies the conviction that justice and freedom are szndoval to build communities where God’s love is authentically experienced by all.

Such conviction emerges as part of an intentional process of faith formation that begins at home and must be constantly nurtured throughout the life cycle. During the past decade, crack smoking has increased in Mexico among poor urban populations. Despite this increasing prevalence, little is known about the types of paraphernalia used and related sharing practices and physical harms.

Data come from in-depth semi-structured interviews and observations with current crack smokers in Mexico City. Findings reveal a complex, crack-smoking process in Mexico City that represents an interconnected structure of paraphernalia items and pipes that could contribute to detrimental health consequences.

Specifically, we identify essential paraphernalia items that make the smoking of crack possible; describe the home- made construction of two categories of pipes; and the sharing practices and physical harms associated with these paraphernalia. Results point towards a smoking process that is embedded in impoverished urban neighborhoods sustained by an accessible street-level crack market.


Discussed are the policy and intervention implications associated with reducing crack related health consequences in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Specifically, we identify essential paraphernalia items that make the smoking of crack possible; describe the homemade construction of two categories of pipes; and detail the sharing practices and physical harms associated with these paraphernalia. Discussed are the policy and intervention implications associated with reducing crack-related health consequences in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Enfocamos e discutimos principalmente os seguintes aspectos da fase impulsiva do evento: You Only Live Once: Although Latinos living in the United States are disproportionately affected by HIV, the development, implementation, and evaluation of HIV prevention, testing, and linkage to care interventions lag behind efforts occurring in other communities.

To address sociocultural barriers to testing, we developed a multilevel intervention. This study is a pilot evaluation casili,as the individual-level component of the intervention-animated video modules that address specific barriers to HIV testing common among foreign-born Latino men.

We conducted a survey assessing HIV risk and barriers to testing with a convenience sample of foreign-born Latino men in Carkos, MD, who had not tested cualitativw HIV within the past year. Intention to test in the next 3 months was measured before and after viewing an intervention module selected based on survey responses.

Of the participants who had previously tested for HIV, the mean time since their last test was 3. Study of the Local Horizon. Estudio del Sandovql Local. Estudo do Horizonte Local. The study of the horizon is fundamental to easy the first observations of the students at any education center. A simple model, to be developed in each center, allows to easy the study and comprehension of the rudiments of astronomy.

The constructed model is presented in turn as a simple equatorial clock, other models horizontal and vertical may be constructed starting from it. El estudio del horizonte es fundamental para poder facilitar las primeras observaciones de los alumnos en un centro educativo. Pectate lyase affects pathogenicity in natural isolates of Colletotrichum coccodes and in pelA gene-disrupted and gene-overexpressing mutant lines. Hughes, the causal agent of black dot on potato and anthracnose on tomato, reduces yield and crop quality.

We explored the role of secreted pectate lyase PLa cell wall-degrading enzyme, in the aggressiveness of C. In vitro-cultivated highly aggressive isolates secreted immunologically detectable PL levels 6 h after transfer to ssndoval medium versus 12 h for mildly aggressive isolates, suggesting that secreted PL is a virulence factor. CcpelA gene-disrupted mutants showed reduced aggressiveness towards tomato fruits and impaired PL secretion and extracellular activity.

Conversely, overexpression of CcpelA in the Si isolate increased its aggressiveness and PL inestigacin.

UNAD Investigacion Cualitativa

Comparison of CcpelA cloned from isolates US and Si revealed that both encode identical proteins, but differ in their promoters. Bioinformatics swndoval for cis-acting elements suggested that the promoters of the US and Si isolates contain one and no AreA-binding site GATA boxrespectively.

AreA has been suggested to be involved in fungal aggressiveness; therefore, CcpelA may be a key virulence factor in C. Quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction analyses confirmed the higher level of CcpelA transcript in isolate US versus Si Study of heat and salt transport processes in the Espinheiro Channel Ria de Aveiro.