Jack Wallen explains how to install and set up iTALC. upon bootup, so make sure you do this according to your distribution’s instructions. How can I migrate an existing iTALC installation to Veyon? This manual describes the installation and configuration of Veyon in a computer. Guide iTalc – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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This free tool is available for Windows and Linux.

I walk through the installation on a Linux to Linux setup since the Windows setup is very straightforward — you simply need to double-click the installation executable. The use of iTALC is the same on both platforms. This role is crucial because iTALC will install encryption keys associated with the two roles; to this end, there are two tools to install: When each tool is installed, the correct keys are used, so it is itaoc to install the Master on the instructor machine and the Client or Service only on the student machine.


The keys are very important for the iTALC keys to be properly created. This folder must be copied to all of the client machines.

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To copy that folder from Linux to Linux, issue this command for each client machine: Once those files are on the client machine, you should issue these commands:. When going from a Linux Master to a Windows Client, there is a trick to getting the right key imported: The same keys that were created with the above commands can be used, but the key filenames that are generated won’t work. So on the Windows Client machine, follow these steps:.

Now that the rough part is over, maunal time to set up a classroom and add computers to it. The classroom is created and the computers are added by the Master, which requires the iTALC application to run.

Configuring Configuring iTALC Management Software for use with

On Linux, you need to issue the command ica to start the daemon. You will want to have this daemon started upon bootup, so make sure you do this according to your distribution’s instructions. On the Windows jtalc, the ica daemon will be set to start at boot during the Client installation.


The next step is to right-click anywhere in the blank white space from the left navigation and select Add Classroom. You should give the classroom a name and click OK.

Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and Linux. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen.

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