The Japanese in MangaLand series from JPT introduced language learners to an innovative, entertaining and educationally-sound way of learning Japanese. Japanese in MangaLand is a book (it’s actually a series of books) that help you attain mastery in Japanese from beginner to intermediate levels. The primary. If you’re like me when it comes to speaking Japanese – extremely clunky with with a limited conversational vocabulary but can read the two.

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Besides that, learning with manga is more fun than simply reading page after page of dry prose. I think in that appeal, the audience this series is geared for is probably middle to high school students. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Though unsurprisingly he had chapters focusing on those topics, seeing as how the entirety of the book is based around reading manga. The 30 lessons that make up the book include drills, and a small glossary of basic “kanji” is appended as an added bonus. I’ve never seen those in other Japanese learning textbooks. Granted, he drops romaji in the sequel, which was a nice improvement.

Good for a quick review and some manga-specific vocab, though.

Use furigana if you think they won’t understand your kanji usage. Latest to First First to Latest. If the reader were to proceed anyway, they would get hit with large amounts of vocabulary in each lesson, without yet having the grammar or expressions with which to use it.


Content creators wishing to advertise must contact the mods first. Other Series You Might Like. Counters and days of the week are simple topics to begin with, but they’re useless to have first, aren’t they?

Be the first to ask a question about Japanese in Mangaland. Unfortunately, this intermediate language includes an arbitrary collection of abbreviations for grammatical jargon that doesn’t translate literally, so his rough translations are peppered with nonsense syntactic markers like “EP” and magaland.

Japanese in MangaLand Series

Consider the OP’s skill level when answering a question. There’s material that you don’t usually see, for example, swearwords and insults, onomatopoeia, yakuza vocab, etc. Read it Forward Read it first. So, while in concept this book might have worked, in the end it ultimately mangsland just a mediocre textbook with some drawings in it.

Nor my first time encountering with daily jap. Oct 25, Dgg32 rated it really liked it.

Japanese in Mangaland – Wikipedia

This is an inherent problem with trying to learn a language in real-world source material before you have a grounding in it. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Refresh and try again. In addition, the books present information on compound words, stroke order, meaning and such unique features as identifying similar-looking kanji and alternative or older shapes for the same character.

Steve Alcorn rated it mangalane was ok Sep 16, A lot of the grammar seems to be put jaanese for vocab, and there are a LOT of kanji, which is not great for beginners. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.


Maybe it would have, except for the next problem: Jul 18, Mouna Hezbri rated it manbaland was amazing Shelves: We can notify you when this item is back in stock.

However, in terms of what it was able to teach me, it wasn’t much. Do make sure to check out the Amazon preview before you buy anything.

Thinking of purchasing Japanese in Mangaland what do you guys think of the series? : LearnJapanese

The errors might be in localization. I like the little panels illustrating the different expressions and I like all the little trivia about the Japanese language. Check to see if your question has been addressed before posting by mangalaand or reading the wiki. Trolling, immature, or hostile behavior will result in a warning or ban 6.


Asking “How do I learn Japanese? Not doing so falls under ‘Low effort’ see rule 6.

I’ve never really liked this approach, because I find that I pick vocabulary much slower than I do grammar patterns flashcards and vocab lists just bore me to tears. If you’re looking for a nice review of Japanese, this book can be kind of fun.