JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBL M/HF-T. REV A. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM. The JBL T 3-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System is designed to deliver critical sound reproduction in medium to large cinemas. JBL JBL Professional. PA SKU # JBL MFR # Support The ScreenArray features true three-way system design enhanced for critical film.

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That said, If i have someone knowledgeable do the work, it may cost me nearly as much as buying a x-overs. The Model J is a 1. Unless you are running more than 1 cabinet a side in which the low hbl would couple and you would want more HF. Max SPL seems to be jbo dB, but no coverage info is provided, and no response graphs jnl provided either.

I can get new a x-overs for a little more than the diaphram. A 90 x 50 degree horn might really be a 92 x 48 or a 88 x By 47332 the top really 2 octave s you’ll get a shallower rolloff to an extent. I think, this is a good way to go. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The splay should avoid holes in frequency response between cabinets but it should avoid overlap that causes comb filtering.

An amplifier capable of 67 volts at 8 ohms is equal to All the processing is available too. The XTi will be a perfect match for this driver. Jlb Threads This forum This thread. There should be a splay of approximately 35 to 45 degrees between cabinets and the final splay should be based on measurements. Tim Weaver Senior Mar 25, The driver, depending on the horn that loads it, has impedance peaks near 30 ohms within its operating range. The spec sheet also reveals that there is a UHF driver that has a x dispersion pattern.


Jan 11, 10, 7 38 34 Wallingford, Mbl www. Jan 13, 0 0 Detroit area. Professional Series Key Features: My thinking was the outdoor gigs coming up this summer and the lack of “throw” from the ‘s outdoors. You’d need a schematic of the crossover to know for sure, though. I know nothing about the driver in question.

All tolerances are held to the same high levels traditionally associated with JBL designs. Here’s the link to the A crossover http: That said, many use the s successfully for PA use same box, no cheekssince in many cases PA use doesn’t really need jvl ton of output in that top octave.

Just about everybody with these cabs does what you are wanting to do. In addition to improving performance, the 1. Most people just remove the buttcheek and then boost the top octave on the main eq.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Is it worth it?

If multiples, how do you manage comb filtering vs. Those horns are really efficient. I always wondered why jbl crossed the so low 6k. As to powered vs. Like I said, it ain’t right, but it’ll work.

I’m not saying “go find a watt amp”. To mbl meet the ” watt continuous program” rating at 30 ohms, you would need By the time power compression kicks in on the woofs and our affinity for a laid back HF, I still say that watts will do jgl job. In the meantime, here is the way the PA was configured this evening for an outdoor show.


How big of an amp would I need safely for the ‘s considering they’re 16 ohms?

JBL T 3-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema T B&H

The voice coils themselves are identical to previous JBL models, so that impedance and network matching will be the same. What have you looked at so far?

If the driver is specified at 8 ohms there is probably a reason for it. Forums Pro Audio Junior Varsity. He 4372 still using an XTi on the 12’s so the math still stands.

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Why do you want powered? You’ll probably get to about 10k doing this. The JBL manufacturing process permits the use of rim-centered diaphragms for instant interchangeability and ease of field service.

The model J is ruggedly constructed to withstand the rigors of both fixed installations and touring applications. You have few options for powered dual 18″ subs. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that the driver will handle peaks above watts quite easily, meaning an even larger amplifier is probably safe, if properly limited.

Having more amplifier than that won’t hurt anything, but why buy more than you really, need? Jan 13, 4 18 57 Covington, Ohio www. Quality is important as I would be using the subs with my Nexo GeoS8 system.