In kihon ippon kumite the basic attacks and counters are practised in a set and rigid way. With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more. Description of Jiyu Ippon Kumite: After bowing the training partners face each other in shizentai (hachiji-dachi)―with ryoken daitae mae―with. Shotokan Jiyu Ippon Kumite – More advanced one step free style sparring. Introduced to students generally when they have reached the level of brown belt.

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With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more practical and efficient way with more freedom to develop ones own style and fighting stance.

André Bertel’s Karate-Do: Jiyu Ippon Kumite

If you launch your attack too late it is obvious your opponent will reach their target before you do. Other responses in this category involve simultaneous block and counter attacks, such as sliding forward and executing hidari negashi uke, migi ura zuki.

You are then in a state of readiness of any further attacks. Some tournament rules allow for light contact to the head, whereas other rules do not allow this.

Shotokan Kumite

This instability though makes the plane highly manoeuvrable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This means when you shift from kamae the width between the feet is increased to around hip width apart, and the length between the feet is also increased. Although the Kamae stance is very manoeuvrable a technique delivered from this stance will lack power because it has not been delivered from a solid base. Views Read Edit View history. Maximum power is achieved from a stable and strong stance. The tournament fighter learns how to shoot in quickly but deliver an unimpressive strike that gains him or her a point.


The more unstable it is the more manoeuvrable it becomes. This maai is the optimal distance, in which, their respective percussive technique will achieve the greatest damage to the anatomical target. Navigation Information Training Contact Yahoo!

In sen no sen if you launch your attack too early your opponent will see what you are going to do before he has fully committed to his technique.

Another aspect of kumite which is often seen in international tournaments, as well as many local competitions is what is referred to as clashing. The tournament kumiite of full contact or “knockdown” styles of karate often don’t award any points for controlled techniques delivered to the opponent.

In jiyu ippon kumite it is important to stay in a state of awareness zanshin.

This is the element that takes the basic techniques and uses them in actual combat or fighting situations. However, some karate schools use protective gear in free kumlte, so that strikes can be delivered closer to their full power. That way he will be fully committed to his technique and you will catch him off guard.

Kihon, Kata and Kumite. International competition under the World Karate Federation also includes the following point scoring:. For the last point about stance and footwork: It is often difficult to gauge the true intensity of the attack, so this could cause questioning. If you go further and turn the hips completely side on, although you reduce the target area yet further, you also lose the effective use of the arm and leg that are behind.


I hope that you all find that this covers your questions. Often the aim of training is that each single strike should be enough to subdue the opponent. In kihon ippon kumite the defender stands in a natural stance shizentaiwhile the attacker is in front stance zenkutsu dachi.

In ippon kumite the student blocks the attack and then counter attacks. I’d like to stop here and explain why this is the case.

Shotokan Kumite – Black Belt Wiki

Most karate clubs and most styles of karate combine some controlled full-contact sparring and some sparring with protective gear from gloves to feet pads and up to kumits head and even chest guards such as in Tae Kwon Do. Careful attention must be given to the speed of the opponent’s attack and the distance between you and him, i.

It takes a considerable amount of time to twist round before they become effective.