JODConverter automates document conversions using DocumentFormat pdf = new DocumentFormat(“Portable Document Format”, “pdf”, “application/pdf”);. JODConverter automates document conversions using LibreOffice/OpenOffice. org – mirkonasato/jodconverter. package verter;. import tions;. import java. p;. import ;. /**. * Represents a document format.

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ODF is the current best practise for sharing and storing office documents across the industry, which is proven by the fact that many governments around the world have already adopted it. Appreaciate your help in this regard. The future is interoperability.

Source code: Class part of jodconverter version 2.2.1

I just want a note. You can even create multiple processes which is useful for multi-core CPU’s. Can also generate interactive ODF forms.

It is neccesary to set both RestrictPermissions and PermissionPassword as well in order to make security restrictions work: I got the following exception: I already posted that issue in the Jodconverter google group before, but I haven’t got an answer yet. You can create your own xslt transformations and apply those to the odt document, that can subsequently be converted using php-o3-template.


It creates an image for each page, allowing to overlay drawings and text and export it back to pdf. OODoc provides an abstraction of the document objects and isolates the programmer from low level XML navigation, UTF8 encoding and file compression details.

You don’t have to manually jocdonverter OpenOffice.

Maybe the problem is that. The stacktrace is also not so long.

Handy for rewiews of scientific papers. Please read the comments in the source code if you want to understand it, or just ask in the comment section below. It can be used as a Java library, a command line tool, or a Web application.

java – how to specify DocumentFormat for JODConverter – Stack Overflow

However, I could not to get it to work in the Linux environment. I am executing this on my windows XP machine. However, I would share one related issue: Seems like it cannot find your exception type vigra. You might get help there. Thanks for your soon answer.

OpenDocument Format for developers

The library is completly written in pure C and can be used to extend your. Thank you for reminding me about it. The fact is that I got an exception like the following: It works there kodconverter. This is how you use it: On this page you will find an overview of dozens of software libraries that make it easy to access content stored in OpenDocument Format. I will look at it more closely when I get back next week. NET allows you to write applications to create, modify and parse text documents and spreadsheets.


Java, write once, run away! The Open OpenDocument Connector is a Perl-based application programming interface, which can be socumentformat as a way to build bridges between office documents and business applications. Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework that allows you to write applications once and deploy them across desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.

I need to convert a. All you need to do is change the extension from “. Spreadsheet Professional is a commercial version licensed per developer.