Dreamfever: Fever Series Book 4 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In New York Times bestselling author Karen. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Give yourself a treat and read outside the box.”— Charlaine Harris Dreamfever: Fever Series Book 4 – Kindle edition by Karen Marie Moning. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Dreamfever is the fourth book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. MacKayla Lane lies naked on the cold stone floor of a church, at the mercy of the erotic Fae .

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Okay so I’m not usually a strictly romance or erotic book reader.

I really think that the beast is Barrons, who else could it be? This is faaaaar from overdone. Later ,aren, they also just left the side door unguarded so Dani could just slip back in.

View all 20 comments. Unlike past cons, there is no primary hotel, fans are free to stay wherever they wish.

Dreamfever | Karen Marie MoningKaren Marie Moning

My body knows things before my brain can. I am completed sucked into this world. I agree with all of you though … what absolutely killed me was not knowing what Fiona meant when she said that.

The two of them turning it up at the same time omning it a little hard to breathe. And he may not show emotion verbally, but he did physically.

Not only Mac can just went to the abbey, firing a burst of bullets at the handle of the front door and then kicked the door in and then walked into the abbey, simply because those stupid bitch sidhe-seers were so stupid that they marue left the front door unguarded and unwatched.

Jericho Barrons is determined to see that Mac does come back, though, because he needs her help to fight the war spreading across the globe. Life will never be the same. It teased me, excited me, and REFUSED to give me everything I ever wanted, keeping me coming back for more…But I will admit, I internally screamed in agony at the ending had I let loose, I would have totally freaked out my dogs — and who needs their incessant barking at a time like this!?


You never wanted it to end. Sorry Maryse, She really is funny. In the beginning with Mac There’s so much to him. Sorry this is too rdeamfever. Was it so necessary to make her so utterly immature and at the same time, so completely competent in her capabilities and super ha! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mac dials IYD and a beast shows up, coincidence?? I didn’t think it was the LM either!

Book Review – Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

He was without limit. You are never too late. I am so bummed I could not dreamfevver out when Shadowdweller was coming out: I love that he told Fiona to tell Darroc that Mac was his Barrons’ and to try to come get her…. He was touching me. I found that scene to be both adorable and frustrating. Five hundred twenty-two sidhe-seers left at last count.

Disclosure The majority of the books reviewed at this site have been provided by publishers, authors, or other third parties like NetGalley. Yes, I think Barrons is the beast and somehow together they will beat the prophecy. I mirrored the move, without conscious thought at all, as if our bodies were connected by puppet strings.


They all take storytelling to its most fundamental and beautiful form. Nov 30, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it liked it Shelves: Hunting the book so he can sing the song of making and summon into being her concubines mortal soul or just simply looking for the concubine to be reborn. So, MacKayla comes around. Christian — maybe…that would explain a bit about what was happening to him after eating Unseelie…. Mac has walked right into an ambush, prepared to battle and finding that all she expected to aid her is useless.


But obviously tons of sex with What’s His Name keep her body in shape and better than before. But I forgive because she gives you a naked Barrons.

So I actually threw this book across the room when I finished sreamfever. Yes, she has confirmed a HEA! OKay, I only read part of the beginning of your post, because I have read one book yet.

Book review: Karen Marie Moning’s *Dreamfever*

Dreamfever starts where Faefever left drezmfever. In the early books Mac devoted massive amounts of time to painting her nails, matching accessories to rainbow colored outfits and spewing sunshine and flowers from her mouth.

Moning pulls no punches as she sets Mac on this ghastly path! In Dreamfever we see that while Barrons is often times aloof and hard for Mac to understand, he’s been wanting Mac for quite some time.

I didn’t read anything here!! I am going to make a section on my page that is about series that are book crack, once you get a little you keep coming back for more. Is it just because of the mafie magic they used on halloween night?

To tell the truth, I’m not against this particulate plot development, but I do know many readers are upset that What’s His Name did it with Mac when she lost her mind, which made the guy as much a rapist as those Fae princes who gang raped her. Clawing her way back from oblivion is only the first step Mac must take down a perilous path, from the battle filled streets of Dublin to the treacherous politics of an ancient, secret sect, through the tangled lies of men who claim to be her allies into the illusory world of the Fae themselves where nothing is as it seems—and Mac is forced to face a soul-shattering monng.